How to Craft in Primitive Furnace in Palworld

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In the big open world of Palworld, players are overwhelmed with a lot of activities, with crafting being a central aspect of the game. Many find themselves having problem when they first encounter the Primitive Furnace, often unsure of how to utilize this crucial crafting tool effectively for crafting essentials like Charcoal and Ingots.

A common hurdle for newcomers when they attempt to craft materials on it is the cryptic message “Required Kindling” displayed in the Primitive Furnace. This vague directive often leaves players puzzled about where to begin. However, the solution is straightforward. In Palworld, Pal monsters are integral to managing various tasks around your homestead, including operating the Primitive Furnace.

To activate the furnace, you need a fire-element Pal. Early in the game, players commonly encounter Foxparks, a fire-element Pal. This creature is exactly what you need to efficiently use your Primitive Furnace.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to help you with this problem.

Catch a Foxparks in the Wild

Foxparks, a fire-element Pal resembling a red fox, is essential for operating the Primitive Furnace. These creatures are commonly found in the early maps and can be caught using standard Palworld Sphere.

After catching, place your Foxparks either in your Pal base or directly in your party.

How to use Primitive Furnace (Primitive Furnace)

To craft items like Charcoal and Ingots, ensure you have the necessary materials:

ItemsRequired Materials

2 x Wood

2 x Ore

With Foxparks in your party, select this Pal by scrolling with keys 1 or 3. Once selected, approach the Primitive Furnace and hold E to assign your Foxparks to it. You’ll know it’s correctly assigned when the text “The Pal can be assigned” appears.

After assigning the Foxparks, it will begin operating the furnace, enabling the crafting of Charcoal or Ingots. This process automates the crafting, utilizing the materials you’ve gathered.

Alternatively, if your Foxparks is assigned inside your base, it will automatically do its job.

Stay tuned for more comprehensive guides on Palworld, where we’ll explore advanced crafting techniques, Palworld adventures, and tips for thriving in this vibrant open-world game.

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