APNX C1 Mid-Tower Case Review: A Harmonious Blend of Style and Some Cooling

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In the world of custom PC building, where both performance and appearance are key, choosing the right case is about more than just functionality. It’s an opportunity to showcase your personal style and tech savvy. This is exactly what the APNX C1 mid-tower case offers, particularly in its striking white version. More than just a protective housing for your components, it promised an out-of-the-box cooling solution for your PC.

The APNX C1 mid-tower case, features a marvel in PC case design from a steel with thickness of 0.8mm and weighing 9.9 kg, it stands at 230 mm wide, 502 mm high, and 464 mm deep, offering substantial space for diverse hardware setups. It’s equipped with a USB 3.1 Type-C port, two USB 3.0 Type-A ports, and audio jacks on the front panel, alongside three 3.5”/2.5” drive bays and seven expansion slots. The case supports ATX, mATX, and ITX motherboards, and prioritizes effective cooling up to 11 fan slots with four fans built-in with the casing (3 on the front and 1 on the rear).

The case is available in black, white, and a special “ChromaFlair” color. It is priced in the Philippines for PHP 7,775 and available in Lazada and Shopee. You may also check APNX official website for latest pricing.

In this review, let’s see the overall aesthetic appeal of the APNX C1 mid-tower case, the white version and explore its cooling efficiency.


The packaging of the APNX C1 mid-tower case reflects a minimalist approach, housed in a plain cardboard box. The only embellishment is a sticker showcasing an image of the APNX C1, offering a sneak peek at the case’s design.

On the back of the box, the APNX C1 case’s full specifications are thoughtfully displayed.

Model and Case TypeC1, Mid Tower
Supported MotherboardATX, Micro ATX, Mini-ITX
GPU ClearanceUp to 395mm Graphics Card
Case Dimension, Body Material and Steel Thickness230 x 502 x 464 mm (W x H x D)
SGCC at 0.8mm thickness
3.5″/2.5″ Drive BaysUp to 3 Max (3 x 3.5″/2.5″)
Internal Cable Management Depth40mm
Expansion Slots7
Power SupplyATX PSU (Including cables, up to 270mm)

Upon opening the box, you’re greeted with the APNX C1, snugly protected between two strong foam blocks at the top and bottom ensuring it is well-guarded against any bumps or knocks during shipping, arriving in perfect condition for your build. Plus, it wrapped in a protective plastic.

APNX C1 Mid Tower Case

The APNX C1 PC case is constructed from steel and finished in white, offering a balance between matte and semi-glossy textures. This design choice aims for long-term durability and resistance to wear and tear, while the case’s surface remains cool to the touch. The case is built with 0.8 millimeters thick steel, giving it a solid and sturdy feel. A key feature of the APNX C1 is its straightforward design, accentuated by quick-release panels that enable easy, tool-free disassembly.

The front panel of the APNX C1 PC case showcases its dual-purpose design, combining aesthetic appeal with practical functionality. The most prominent feature is the large mesh pattern, made up of small, square dots, which serves as a key ventilation point integrating airflow efficiency with a visually appealing structure. Additionally, the case’s rounded corners on both sides of the mid tower contribute to its refined look.

The APNX C1 showcases a side panel with a generously sized tempered glass window, offering a broad and clear perspective of your PC’s interior. The spacious interior of the case includes various sections specifically designed for concealing wires and cables that contributes significantly to the overall clean and organized appearance of the case.

The opposite side panel complements the design aesthetic seamlessly, extending the dotted mesh pattern that gives uniform looks across the case making it visually appealing from all angles. Both side panels of the APNX C1 are designed to be removable, that allows easy access to the internal components for maintenance, upgrades, or simply for the ease of assembly.

The top maintains the consistent design language, featuring the same mesh pattern that houses the exhaust for CPU cooling solutions. Additionally, the top houses essential elements such as the power buttons and easily accessible, removable ports, blending convenience with the case’s overall sleek design.

The back shows the typical layout of most cases. However, it features unique conveniences, such as an easily accessible power supply unit slot with hand-operable screws that streamline installation without the need for tools. Additionally, the rear panel is thoughtfully designed with a circular pattern exhaust vent next to the PCIe ports that adds to one of its many cooling efficiencies.

Upon removing the side glass panel, the APNX C1 reveals its spacious interior.

Upon removing the opposite side panel of the APNX C1 case, you gain access to the essential cables integral to the case’s functionality. This includes the wires for the I/O panel and the RGB header connections, which are crucial for the operation and customization of your setup. Additionally, the case is designed with a versatile mounting plate, strategically positioned to support various storage solutions. This plate can accommodate hard disk drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SSDs), and even provides the option to install an additional fan.

As for removing the front panel case, you are immediately presented with three fans, which play a pivotal role in the cooling efficiency of the case by providing substantial airflow. Notably positioned at the forefront of these fans is a mesh dust cover that serves as the first line of defense against dust ingress, ensuring that the fans continue to operate efficiently and that the internal components remain clean.

Removing the top cover reveals three slots capable of accommodating up to three fans, specifically designed for CPU water cooling system.

Removability and Cleanability

The removability capabilities of the cases lie to its especial quick-release panels that makes installation and maintenance a breeze. Each element of the case, from the side panels to the top cover that we covered earlier, is fitted with a smart and user-friendly quick-release panel that snaps the panel easily. This intuitive design enables effortless removal of each component, significantly simplifying the processes of cleaning and maintenance.

These snappable components require minimal force to attach, yet they secure each part firmly and conveniently.

Across the APNX C1 casing, there are strategically placed carve gaps, perfectly sized for your fingertips. These gaps make it exceptionally easy to grip and remove the components.

Notable Features

The APNX C1 case features an easily accessible front I/O panel that includes two USB 3.0 ports and a USB Type-C port, ideal for quickly connecting devices like phones and external storage. It also comes with a headphone jack, the power and reset buttons are located on the front panel, allowing for straightforward operation.

As mentioned earlier, it also intelligently incorporates an additional panel tray on the opposite side, specifically designed to accommodate HDDs, SSDs, and fans that is useful for organizing wires and devices neatly, effectively preventing tangling and clutter.

This tray has unique holes that act as guides for precisely positioning HDDs (Circle with left line), SSDs (Circle with bottom line), or fans (Perfect Circle) that simplifies the installation process, ensuring that components are correctly aligned and securely fitted. It also includes rubber protectors that can be placed against screws that will prevent any scratching of the case or hardware during installation or adjustments.

The next notable feature is its cleverly designed sag holder for supporting heavy GPUs, a feature that becomes increasingly important in modern builds. This sag holder can be adjusted to two different placements, catering to either medium or significantly heavier GPUs, such as the RTX 4090.

It also equipped with an ARGB header controller, a significant feature for those who wanted convenient controller that comes with the case. This controller allows for the central management of all fan ARGB lighting, including the four fans that come pre-installed with the case, as well as any additional fans you might add. However, the controller is designed for ARGB (Addressable RGB) headers, which means it operates on a +5V connection, allowing for more intricate and customizable lighting effects. This inclusion highlights the case’s commitment to both functionality and visual appeal, offering a streamlined solution for managing RGB lighting setups.

Regarding the power supply unit (PSU) accommodation, it’s important to note that the case design includes a cover that entirely conceals the PSU. This feature is great for achieving a clean and uncluttered look inside the case, as it hides the PSU and associated cabling. However, if you own a PSU with distinctive aesthetics, such as the ROG Thor, which you might want to display as part of your build’s visual appeal especially its LED, you might consider other casing than this one.

As for the exhaust of the PSU, you can place it in a manner that best suits your cooling preferences and layout. You have the option to position the PSU with the fan facing upwards, directing airflow within the casing, or downwards, where the fan expels air outside the casing.

It has multiple strategically placed holes all over inside for cable management. These holes are invaluable for routing and concealing wires that makes your setup remains neat and organized.

The opposite side panel of the APNX C1 boasts a spacious area dedicated for the rest of cable management. This ample space ensures that your wires don’t bulge or press against the panel cover. Even if the cable arrangement isn’t perfect (Just like ours), the available space and design enable a clean setup, effectively concealing wires and maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your build.

Once your cable management is in place, the side panel designated for SSD, HDD, and an additional fan can be reattached, covering the organized wires.

The APNX C1 case is equipped with four high-quality APNX FP1 ARGB fans, comprising three 140mm fans at the front and one 120mm fan at the back. These pre-installed fans are noted for their durability, evident in the sturdiness of the fan blades and the overall construction of each fan. Their robust build quality suggests a long lifespan, ensuring that users can expect these fans to perform reliably over time, adding value to the case by combining longevity with effective cooling capabilities.

Putting everything together, here’s how it looks in bare state and all the pc components.

Powering On the Casing

The APNX C1, with its thoughtfully designed interior and lighting options, truly comes to life when its components are illuminated. It transforms into a vibrant showcase of both power and elegance once it’s fully equipped and lit. The lights blend well on the front side fans of the CPU casing because of its mesh design.

Removing the panel, here is how it looks like, its clean and the lighting from the fan lits well the components inside.

Peeking inside, the illumination from its fans, as well as those from other brands, integrates seamlessly. This lighting complements the case’s aesthetics effectively, adapting well to any color scheme of the components within the rig.

Looking towards the bottom, an additional aesthetic feature comes into play if your motherboard is equipped with RGB lighting on the back. This lighting, when activated, creates a captivating glow that adds to the overall ambiance of the case like a cove light.

Here are the other angle showing the 3 fans on the front as well as the blank space. This blank space can also be replaced with dual or triple fan radiator.

Taking a closer look at one of the fans in the APNX C1, you’ll notice the finer details that contribute to its overall quality – it reveals why these fans are considered high-end and not just standard additions.

At the topmost part of the APNX C1 case, you’ll find the wires leading to the front panel of the CPU. Despite the potential for clutter, this area retains a clean and organized appearance.

The final touch of RGB lighting is elegantly integrated into the power button located on the CPU panel. This subtle yet impactful design choice adds a hint of dynamic lighting to the case’s exterior, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

Ventilation and Sound

In practical terms, when testing the APNX C1 case under real gaming conditions, the performance in terms of ventilation is impressive. The case effectively manages the cooling of the CPU, ensuring optimal operation even during intensive gaming sessions. Notably, the glass panel remains cool to the touch, indicating efficient heat dissipation. This is particularly advantageous if the CPU is located near your keyboard and mouse, as it minimizes heat exposure in your immediate gaming environment.

The large intake vent at the front of the case plays a crucial role in this cooling efficiency. It allows for substantial air intake, which is vital for maintaining a cool temperature inside the case, thereby aiding in the effective cooling of the CPU and other components.

Regarding the noise, the APNX C1 excels in maintaining a low noise level. The sound produced by the case during operation is not loud or intrusive; in fact, it’s quieter than a typical household fan. The noise level can be likened to the soft hum of an air conditioner’s fan – present but not disruptive or annoying.


The APNX C1 mid-tower case stands out as an exemplary choice for both PC building enthusiasts and professionals seeking a balance of aesthetics, functionality, and cooling performance. Its sturdy build, coupled with a sleek and minimalistic design, makes it a visually appealing addition to any setup. The case’s efficient cooling system, highlighted by its large front intake vent, ensures optimal temperatures even under heavy usage, while the low noise operation is a commendable feature, adding to the comfort of the computing experience.

The thoughtful inclusion of user-friendly design elements like quick-release panels and well-placed gaps for easy component access demonstrates a keen understanding of user needs. Furthermore, the integrated ARGB controller and high-quality pre-installed fans offer both visual appeal and practicality.

The APNX C1 emerges as a striking embodiment of modern PC case design, masterfully blending aesthetics and functionality. It stands out not just as a mere enclosure for PC components but as a piece of art. Every line, curve, and LED in the APNX C1 is thoughtfully crafted, resulting in more than just a functional case.

Every line, curve, and LED in the APNX C1 is thoughtfully crafted

Look and Feel - 95%
Features - 90%
Functionality - 90%
Value for Money - 80%

Overall Score


The APNX C1 emerges as a striking embodiment of modern PC case design, masterfully blending aesthetics and functionality. It stands out not just as a mere enclosure for PC components but as a piece of art. Every line, curve, and LED in the APNX C1 is thoughtfully crafted, resulting in more than just a functional case.

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