Shaken, Not Broken: Understanding the Mysterious Sounds of Your PS5

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Recently, a curious phenomenon has emerged among PlayStation 5 (PS5) owners. Many have reported a rattling sound emanating from their consoles when being shaken or moved, sparking concerns about potential internal damage or loose parts. This article delves into the heart of these sounds, unveiling their true nature and offering peace of mind to PS5 enthusiasts.

The issue came to light as users, intrigued or alarmed by the noises, began sharing their experiences online. Some feared that critical components were dislodged, leading them to seek replacements or repairs at stores where they purchased their PS5s.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that the mysterious sounds were not due to loosen parts at all. Instead, the culprit is the PS5’s fan. Designed to keep the console cool during operation, these fans can wobble slightly, moving back and forth. This motion is particularly noticeable when the console is shaken, resulting in the sounds that have puzzled many.

Your PS5 Works Normal

It’s crucial to understand that this sound is a normal aspect of the PS5’s design when you try to shake it or turn it upside down; it does not indicate a malfunction or impending failure.

However, owners should remain attentive to other types of noises that might signify operational issues, such as persistent rattling during gameplay or signs of overheating.

It’s also interesting to note that not all PS5s will produce this sound. The variance largely stems from the different types of fans used in the consoles, supplied by four different manufacturers: NMB, Nidec, Delta, and Foxconn. Each manufacturer’s fan has its unique characteristics, with the PS5 featuring three different versions for each brand, except Foxconn, which has a single version.

PS5 Fans Sound Comparison

To provide a clearer understanding of these differences, a video uploaded by Mc Kuc on his YouTube channel offers an insightful comparison. In the video, Mc Kuc demonstrates the sounds made by three distinct PS5 fan types: the Nidec 17 Blades, NMB 23 Blades, and Delta V2 17 Blades. This demonstration vividly illustrates the variations in sound that result from shaking the different fan models.

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