iQIYI and Sailson Successfully Host “iQIYI ∙ Sailson Media Day” Unveiling “IP-Remix” to Enhance Overseas Game Marketing

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Shanghai, November 30th – iQIYI and Sailson collaborated to host the highly successful “iQIYI ∙ Sailson Media Day” event. The prestigious gathering brought together leading gaming clients and gaming agencies from the overseas market, including miHoYo, Joy You, Ctrl Media, Chinese Gamer International Corp. During the event, representatives from iQIYI and Sailson delivered impactful keynote speeches and unveiled a new product “IP-Remix”. This groundbreaking initiative provides innovative strategy for gaming companies aiming to enhance their marketing efforts on the global stage.

iQIYI Unveils Ambitious 2024 Overseas Development Plan and Key Projects for Continuous Growth

Andy Sun, iQIYI’s Head of Outbound Sales, took the stage at the highly anticipated event to unveil the impressive growth and future ambitions of iQIYI International. Andy emphasized the company’s achievements in key markets such as Southeast Asia and North America, propelled by a customized marketing approach that delivers high-value solutions for overseas companies and clients. Going ahead, iQIYI International is set to actively promote Chinese-language content, invest significantly in self-produced overseas projects, enhance international influence, and pave the way for a new era of user growth on the global stage.

During the event, Grace Su, Director of Content Marketing at iQIYI’s Overseas Marketing Department, unveiled thrilling insights into the key projects lined up for iQIYI International in 2024. These projects encompass captivating Chinese-language dramas, compelling local content from Malaysia and Thailand, engaging self-produced variety shows, and captivating offline events featuring renowned celebrities and anime resources. With a focus on addressing the distinct marketing requirements of gaming client at various stages, iQIYI aims to strengthen its position in the industry and foster additional growth in the international market.

Sailson’s Global Expansion, Paving the Way for Promising Future

Patrick Liu, the Overseas Director of Sailson, unveiled the company’s strategic global layout and outlined its ambitious development plan for 2024. Founded in 2017, Sailson specializes in brand and digital marketing, integrated marketing for overseas expansion, and content ecommerce, providing comprehensive creative and executive services to a diverse range of brand clients. With rapid expansion, Sailson has established offices and dedicated teams in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Singapore, and various Southeast Asian countries, as well as the United States and other international locations. Additionally, the company boasts a network of influential Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) across multiple platforms, both domestically and internationally.

Patrick expressed the company’s vision, stating, “Our goal is to become a globally recognized integrated marketing agency as Chinese companies flourish and penetrate international markets, mirroring the rise of traditional 4A companies during the globalization and expansion of European and American corporate capital.” Sailson is well-positioned to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the growing global market and emerge as a leading force in the industry.

iQIYI and Sailson Unveil Groundbreaking “IP-Remix” to Enhance Customized Marketing for Gaming Industry

At the conference, iQIYI and Sailson joined forces to introduce an innovative and game-changing product known as “IP-Remix”. This cutting-edge solution offers tailored creative videos and programs for gaming clients, empowering them to establish a strong presence in the market. Through joint promotions with iQIYI and local gaming influencers, this groundbreaking initiative ensures swift dissemination of content and heightened user engagement for gaming companies.

IP-Remix serves as a revolutionary marketing tool tailored to the specific needs of gaming clients, seamlessly blending creative concepts with gaming elements through secondary creation. By leveraging iQIYI’s unparalleled expertise in intellectual property and Sailson’s professional capabilities in leveraging gaming influencer resources and executing creative initiatives, this collaboration provides clients with unparalleled marketing value.

With the utilization of IP-Remix, gaming clients can fully leverage the popularity of intellectual properties and gaming influencer resources to amplify awareness and capture user interest. These videos offer robust support for companies seeking to enhance user acquisition and engagement, propelling rapid growth in both attention and user participation.

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