Get Additional Rewards with Treasure Digging in Ragnarok X Hyper Return (ROX)

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Ragnarok X Hyper Return (ROX) has introduced a new Home System and a mini-game where players can win extra prizes like headgear, mounts, costumes, gold cards, and crystals.

Here’s how to join:

Sign in to your ROX account at the official event page:

You’ll find three treasure locations to dig: Ore Mountain, Flower Field, and the Pond. Each location offers different rewards such us:

  • Flower Field: Main rewards include the Ragnacycle mount, a 2-slotted Vacation Straw Hat headgear, plus costumes and headgear packs. These are great for players who missed monthly Kingdom pass rewards.
  • Ore Mountain: Offers a chance to win a 2nd Anniversary Random gold card.
  • Pond: Here, you could win up to 1 million crystals, 5 million zeny, or 120 million base or job exp, among other rewards.

So, each location in this mini-game gives you a chance to dig up different exciting rewards. Here are the rewards that we get during the first day!

Daily Chances

In the mini-game, you can get one treasure-digging chance daily by completing a daily quest on the event page. For the social media quest, simply click the Facebook icon and close it (No need to share it on your timeline).

After accumulating 3 points from these quests, you can exchange them for a treasure-digging chance.

Additionally, when you first log into the event, you’ll receive one free treasure-digging chance, separate from the daily quest reward.

Invite Friends

In the Ragnarok X mini-game, you can earn more treasure-digging chances by inviting new users who joined from December 12 or older users who haven’t logged in for 7 days. For every person you invite, you’ll receive one extra digging chance, with a maximum of 10 additional chances available.

Feel free to share your invite link for the Ragnarok X mini-game here:

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