Mixue’s Delightful Collaboration: Eggy Party × Mixue Time-Limited Event

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Immerse in a world where sweetness meets fun as Mixue, Indonesia’s beloved ice cream and tea brand, collaborates with the popular mobile game Eggy Party. This exciting event, featuring the charismatic Snow King, is a fusion of flavors and digital adventure, exclusively on Eggy Island where players engage in the vibrant atmosphere with the premiere of Snow King & Eggy’s music video and capture memorable moments at Eggy Island’s exclusive stage. Also, don’t miss out on the chance to win a FREE Mixue-themed outfits and accessories in-game and relish Mixue’s adorable drinks at the offline themed stores!

From November 10th to December 7th of 2023, players can dive into the “Party Invitation” event, a special collaboration between Eggy Party and Mixue. Collect “Mixue Medals” by completing fun missions or inviting friends, and exchange them for exclusive Mixue-themed rewards like the “Snow King” outfit, “Ice Cream Cane” back accessory, celebratory emotes, and more – all free! Bring friends along for double the delight and earn special actions, embracing Mixue’s spirit of sharing joy.

The enchanting “Snow King,” a symbol of Mixue’s delightful offerings. Adorned with a crystal crown and a red cloak, this special outfit epitomizes Mixue’s commitment to blending fun and flavor. The “Ice Cream Cane” back accessory, inspired by Mixue’s signature vanilla ice cream, adds a touch of sweetness to every adventure on Eggy Island.

Experience a Mixue-inspired makeover on Eggy Island, where the refreshing aura of Snow King transforms the ambiance. The island features a Mixue-themed stage for the Snow King and Eggy performance, complete with snowflakes, dazzling lights, and engaging sound effects. Join the “Flash Mob” and dance with Snow King for exciting rewards. Mixue brings unique in-game interactions, mirroring the joyous experience of enjoying their ice creams and teas.

Starting November 10th, visit the Eggy Party themed stores in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, infused with Mixue’s charm. Though there is no Philippine theme store, we are hoping that they will have it on their upcoming events.

The stores offer an interactive and delightful experience, featuring an Eggy & Snow King photo spot for capturing memories. Indonesian and Malaysian newcomers to Eggy Party during the event can win Mixue coupons, enhancing the collaboration’s sweet appeal. Join us at the themed stores to indulge in the cool and refreshing world of Mixue!

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