Silent Hill: Ascension, An Audience-Driven Horror Saga Premiering This November 1 (PHT)

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On October 31st at 6PM PT (which is November 1 in Manila, Philippines), horror enthusiasts and gamers will be able to unite for an unprecedented interactive experience as “Silent Hill: Ascension” makes its eerie debut. Unlike any other, this is not a conventional game but a live streaming saga where the audience holds the ending story of the game. The narrative unfolds on a daily basis, with viewers around the globe influencing the storyline through real-time participation.

As detailed by the developers, each day at 6PM PT (9AM, Manila, Philippine Time), fresh scenes will be aired, propelling the story forward. No two days are alike; the narrative is an evolving entity, shaped by collective viewer interaction. For those unable to catch the live stream, a video-on-demand service ensures no one misses a beat of the haunting narrative every week which also serves as the weekly episode shaped by the community.

This ingenious element of live streaming and interactive storytelling blurs the line between gaming and cinematic horror, forming a category of its own. It’s a storytelling marathon stretching over six months, where the boundaries are set only by the collective imagination and choices of the viewers. The unique format accumulates daily decisions into a weekly episode, embodying the essence of communal interaction. By merely participating, audiences are scripting history, actively sculpting a horror television tale over the span of “Silent Hill: Ascension’s” run.

As “Silent Hill: Ascension” gets ready to premiere, the developers have mentioned some exciting features they will reveal soon. They talked about daily puzzles and quick-time events that will happen live during the streams, letting viewers help the characters in the story. And good news for eager fans, you can pre-register for the game on Google Play and the App Store to get involved from day one.

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