KZ VXS Pro Review: A Transparent Aesthetic Earphone with Studio-like Sound Quality

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The evolution of earphones has rapidly moved beyond wired constraints, ushering in the wireless age where convenience meets long-lasting battery life. As most devices are shedding their 3.5mm jacks, the demand for true wireless earphones that can keep up with our bustling lives – without constant recharging – has soared. KZ’s latest offering not only addresses this need but also aims to elevate the listening experience to match the studio-like quality and unique aesthetic, a transparency that provides a glimpse into the sophisticated internals.

The KZ VXS Pro earphones utilize the Qualcomm flagship Bluetooth chip 5171, recognized for its strong performance and 105dB signal-to-noise ratio. They incorporate Digital Signal Processing (DPS) for refined audio and feature user-friendly touch controls. With an ergonomic design, they claim noise cancellation effects of over 23db and a comfortable fit for extended wear. Each earpiece, backed by a 48mAh battery, offers around 8 hours of use. A high-performance mode, supported by a dual-core DSP processor, targets a 58ms latency and boast a 15-meter connectivity range.

The KZ VXS Pro is currently priced at PHP 4,012 in the Philippines. In this review, we will examine the KZ VXS Pro’s transparent design, assess its studio-like sound quality, test its connectivity range, and evaluate its battery performance.


The packaging of the KZ VXS Pro earphones is housed in a straightforward small cardboard box. On the front, there’s a graphic representation of the earphones and its charging port. Alongside is the KZ logo and three main features: the 5.3 Bluetooth technology, the Qualcomm chip, and a mention of HiFi sound. The packaging design offers a blend of simplicity which aligns with the brand’s strong advocacy for environmental responsibility.

On the reverse side of the packaging, the full specifications are detailed in Chinese, accompanied by other pertinent information. Adhering to the theme of simplicity, the background is a clean white, with all the printed details presented in a subtle gray. 

On the side of the packaging, a concise description is provided, maintaining the consistent white and gray color scheme seen throughout.

The KZ VXS Pro

Moving on to the device itself, the charging pod presents a sleek design, fashioned as an all-black circular pod. A distinct feature of this design is the transparent circle plastic at the top, offering a clear window into the pod, allowing the earphones to be visible from the outside. The inclusion of a clear window on the charging pod is an aesthetically pleasing feature. However, much like its predecessor, the KZ VXS, there’s a concern regarding its durability. The plastic nature of the window makes it susceptible to hairline scratches over time.

On the rear of the charging pod, there’s a Type-C USB port, specifically designed for charging its huge 400mAh battery. The size of this battery is designed to charge the earphone for a total of 32 hours.

At the base of the charging pod, consistent with its previous iteration, there is a label presented as a sticker. As you notice, there are air bubbles near its edges. However, the sticker’s design allows for easy removal, offering users the choice of a more streamlined appearance if desired.

Upon opening the lid of the charging pod, the two earphones are easily accessible, held in place by magnets, a common feature found in many of today’s wireless earphones. Positioned at the center of the pod is a discreet LED indicator, providing insights into the charging status of the device. There is also the KZ logo at the top center.

Removing the earphones, the contour of each earpiece is finished in a gloss black providing a distinct appearance that complements the aesthetic of the charging pod.

Diving into the earphones themselves, their most striking feature is the transparent design. This allows for an intriguing view into the intricate internal components. For many enthusiasts and tech aficionados, such transparency offers a unique appeal, as it provides a window into the very heart of the device’s engineering and craftsmanship.

The transparent design of the earphones is accentuated with hues of bronze and gold, intertwined with a shimmering plastic finish. This combination gives them a distinctive and cool appearance, setting them apart in terms of aesthetic appeal.

Upon detaching the ear cups of the earphones, the 10mm dynamic driver comes into view, serving as the powerhouse behind the audio output.

This driver is encased in a gold-colored plate, adding a touch of elegance to its functional design.

The ear cups are designed to be soft and gentle on the ears, ensuring user comfort during prolonged listening sessions. Additionally, the earphones come with two extra pairs of ear tips in varying sizes, allowing users to find the best fit, ensuring both comfort and optimal sound experience.


As we delved into the performance, particularly the sound quality, the earphones stood out where it is powered with custom 10mm dual-chamber dynamic driver. In our tests, they delivered an audio experience that is highly comparable to studio-quality earphones. The sound profile is balanced, with pronounced bass, articulate mids, and sharp lows, providing a well-rounded auditory experience. This distinction in sound quality becomes even more pronounced when paired with premium music subscriptions like Apple Music or Spotify Premium. Users investing in these high-resolution music libraries will undoubtedly appreciate the nuanced differences between standard and premium tracks when using this earphone. Furthermore, it also excels in physical tuning provided by its Digital Signal Processing (DSP), enhancing the overall auditory experience.

When it comes to gaming, activating the earphones’ performance mode brings a significant enhancement using its dual-core 240MHz DSP processor. In competitive esports or immersing yourself in graphically rich triple-A titles, the sound is impressively detailed and has low latency. Players can easily pick up on subtle environmental cues, from the rustling of leaves to distant murmurs, giving a heightened sense of in-game awareness. Crucially, for competitive gamers, elements like clear footstep sounds, weapon reloads, and distant explosions are crisply delineated, allowing players to accurately locate opponents and predict their strategies. Additionally, the ultra-low latency ensures that these vital cues are heard in real-time, offering no room for lag or delay. Furthermore, the earphones’ ergonomic design guarantees effective noise cancellation, eliminating external distractions and immersing players completely in their gaming environments.

Leveraging Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, these earphones offer a wide range of device compatibility, seamlessly pairing with both older and newer gadgets. The Dual 240 MHz Qualcomm, as advertised, claims a connectivity range of up to 15 meters. In our hands-on tests, the performance was commendable. We maintained an uninterrupted sound connection up to a distance of 5 meters, even with a wall intervening. Pushing the boundary to 10 meters, while the sound was still discernible, we began to notice some intermittent interruptions.

Battery Life

Regarding battery performance, each earpiece is powered by a 48mAh battery, and the company’s claim is an impressive up to 8 hours of continuous use on a single charge. The KZ VXS Pro is powered with Qualcomm flagship Bluetooth chip 5171 which uses an ultra-low power consumption that makes it possible. In our hands-on assessment, these earphones exceeded expectations. After an 8-hour usage session, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the battery still retained 10% of its charge, suggesting even longer potential listening periods under certain conditions.

What’s in the Box

For those who opt for the KZ VXS Pro, here’s what you can expect inside the package:

A pair of extra ear tips, available in two distinct sizes for a customized fit.

A USB to USB type-C cable, compact in size, designed for charging purposes.

A user’s manual to guide you through the initial setup and ensure optimal usage.


The KZ VXS Pro earphones manage to strike an impressive balance between form and function. The transparent aesthetic is not just a design choice; it offers a peek into the intricate engineering that powers this device, set off by hues of black, bronze, and gold. The sound quality, closely rivaling studio earphones, is enriched further when paired with premium music libraries, giving audiophiles the refined listening experience, they seek.

For gamers, the performance mode introduces an auditory edge that can be pivotal in competitive settings. The Bluetooth 5.3 ensures robust connectivity across a range of devices, with reliable connection that can break through barriers. But what truly stands out is the battery longevity, outlasting many competitors in its category.

While there are areas for improvement, notably in the durability of lid components, the KZ VXS Pro offers a compelling package for those looking for a blend of aesthetic appeal, sound quality, and battery performance.

Where to Buy

For those who are interested in purchasing the KZ VSX Pro, it is available in the Philippines at the following online platform:

Pros and Cons

+ Great quality sound almost identical to studio-like quality

+ Sufficient battery for earpiece and charging pod

+ Performance mode low latency
 Lid cover prone to hairlines scratches

A little bit expensive 

A Transparent Aesthetic Earphone with Studio-like Sound Quality

Look and Feel - 85%
Performance - 100%
Features - 90%
Price - 85%

Overall Score


The KZ VXS Pro earphones artfully combine aesthetics and performance. Their transparent design, highlighted by black, bronze, and gold hues, reveals the intricate engineering beneath. Delivering sound quality that rivals studio earphones, they shine especially when paired with premium music subscriptions, making them a favorite for audiophiles. Gamers benefit from a specialized performance mode, while Bluetooth 5.3 offers dependable connectivity across devices. Despite some concerns about component durability, the standout battery life and overall features make the KZ VXS Pro a noteworthy choice for those prioritizing design, audio fidelity, and endurance.

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