Jump Assemble Review: Where MOBA Meets Shonen Anime Characters

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Attention, anime enthusiasts and MOBA gamers: the mashup you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! Jump Assemble combines the thrill of 5v5 PvP action with the allure of iconic Shonen Jump characters from among 8 anime titles. Imagine playing a MOBA game with your favorite legendary heroes such as Goku from ‘Dragon Ball,’ Luffy from ‘One Piece,’ or Naruto from ‘Naruto Shippuden’ as well as heroes from other smash hits like ‘Bleach’, ‘Demon Slayer’ and many more.

Developed by DeNA, Jump Assemble breathes new life into the well-worn MOBA landscape by adding a manga twist to it. Pulling its incredible roster from Japan’s illustrious ‘Weekly Shōnen Jump’—the magazine responsible for catapulting countless manga series to stardom—the game delivers a uniquely diverse multiplayer experience. And it’s not just the classics that are represented; you’ll also find fresh faces from modern animes like ‘Jujutsu Kaisen,’ ‘Undead Unluck,’ and ‘Mashle.’

As we played the game, I was hit with a wave of nostalgia. It brought back memories of anime-themed mods from the days of classic DOTA 1. Now, these cherished elements have been reincarnated in this slick mobile game, making them accessible to an entirely new crop of gamers.

Closed Beta Testing

The game is not yet released, but they recently kicked off its closed beta testing phase, which started on September 26. This test is currently limited to Android users in the Philippines. Although the test is restricted, the developers are opening new slots from time to time. So, if you’re eager to get in on the action, be sure to keep an eye out for daily registration opportunities.

During the closed beta test, they’ve rolled out a 7-day login bonus that lets you unlock iconic characters wherein you can play it like Sun Wukong, Uzumaki Naruto, Monkey D. Luffy and Boa Hancock for your roster.

Now that we’ve talked about the closed beta’s special bonuses and how you can unlock free characters, let’s dive deeper to see what makes Jump Assemble truly special: its characters.


Jump Assemble excels in capturing the true spirit of each Shonen Jump character, whether they’re a Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Ranger, Support, or Mage. The game elevates the experience to a whole new level as each character, true to their type, comes alive with dedicated introductory animations. Choosing a character is not just a strategic decision, but also a nod to iconic anime moments, making it both cool and rewarding. It’s these fine details that show the developers’ commitment to authentic representation, making each game session a mini-celebration of your favorite anime heroes.

Each of them brings their unique abilities straight from the anime into the game. Players can choose their favorite character from Jump heroes. Here are 3 characters that we love the most during this closed beta test:

Sasuke Uchiha: As a Carry and Assassin, Sasuke embodies the essence of what it means to be a game-changer in the MOBA genre. Known for his ‘Lightning Infusion,’ he personifies the agility and lethality of a true ninja. Running with his hands behind his back, his ‘Chidori Spear’ skill allows him to target enemies from afar. As well as its AOE dragon damage SS skill. Sasuke is the hero you choose when you’re aiming to deal massive damage and secure crucial kills.

In the larger context of the game, the role of a Carry is to be the main damage dealer, especially as the match progresses. They usually start off weaker but gain strength exponentially, becoming nearly unstoppable if well-fed with kills and assists. A good Carry can tip the balance in favor of their team, making them a pivotal component of any successful strategy.

Majin Buu: Serving as a Tank Support, Majin Buu is the team’s front-line bulwark. Just like his role in the anime, he’s constructed to soak up damage, drawing attention away from more vulnerable teammates. His ‘Super Regeneration’ skill allows him to recover his life, making him incredibly hard to take down. His ‘Transfiguration Beam’ serves as a powerful attack, while ‘Power Breath’ can pull targets toward him, setting them up for kills by his teammates.

A Tank’s role is critical for team survival. They often initiate fights and absorb the brunt of enemy attacks, enabling other roles like the Carry to secure kills without much risk. A well-played Tank can be the difference between a win and a loss, ensuring that the team fights are skewed in your favor.

Usopp: As a long-range specialist, Usopp excels in crowd control and area denial. His basic attacks feature seeds that shoot out every a number of seconds, adding consistent damage from a distance. His ‘Green Star-Devil’ skill deploys seeds that rapidly grow and assail nearby enemies, perfect for disrupting formations. The ‘Rafflesia’ ability allows for precise targeting, making it useful for zoning out key areas on the battlefield. His ultimate move, ‘SS,’ shoots the ‘Impact Wolf’ in a designated direction, not only dealing damage but also stunning enemies it hits, making it a crucial tool during team fights.

Long-range attackers like Usopp are essential for applying pressure and keeping enemies at bay. They are especially effective during team skirmishes, where their ability to control space and deal damage from afar can turn the tide of battle.

Each character’s unique abilities not only pay homage to their origins but also add strategic depth to the game, making every battle a truly immersive experience.

Welcome to All-Star Arena

The gameplay of Jump Assemble distinguishes itself right from the get-go. Instead of a standard dashboard, you’re welcomed into a main lobby, a virtual hub where players can meet and mingle. This adds a unique social dimension to the game. From this lobby, you can dive into various game modes, providing another layer of online engagement.

As you launch into a 5v5 battle, the character selection phase kicks in. Here, players can pick their heroes, decide their lane positions, and select additional power-ups. Much like other MOBA games, the balance and role of each character are crucial for victory. The game is deeply strategic, offering something for both solo players and team tacticians. Teamwork is key, especially given the diverse skill sets each Shonen Jump character brings into play. Whether you’re holding down a lane or prowling through the jungle, each choice you make is pivotal.

Once the battle commences, you’re greeted with a ‘Welcome to All-Star Arena,’ setting the stage for the skirmish. For those familiar with MOBA games, Jump Assemble’s game mechanics will feel right at home. Eliminate creeps to rack up gold and experience points, and head into the jungle for additional resources. Slaying big monsters on the map even lets you summon them to fight alongside you in your lane.

The map layout is what you’d expect from a traditional MOBA, complete with hiding spots in the grass for ambushes and tactical plays. As you progress, the game simplifies your gear upgrades with an auto-buy mechanism, letting you focus more on the action. Run low on health? You can teleport back to your base to recharge.

And let’s not forget the audio cues. Eliminate enemies with your teammates and you’ll hear familiar exclamations like ‘Double Kill’ and ‘Godlike,’ hyping up the battle and capturing those big moments.

Matches are designed to be quick, lasting between 10 to 15 minutes. This makes the game perfect for those who are looking for fast-paced, yet deeply engaging gameplay.

But 5v5 battles aren’t the only attraction. Jump Assemble also features a unique 3v3v3 Dragon Ball Battle mode. In this mode, teams not only fight each other but also race to collect Dragon Balls to store in their bases. The twist? You can steal Dragon Balls from enemy bases to rack up your own score.


Jump Assemble is more than just a MOBA; it’s a love letter to Shonen Jump fans. From its unique main lobby that fosters social interactions to its in-depth, strategic gameplay reminiscent of popular MOBAs, the game offers a comprehensive and engaging experience.

The game mechanics are familiar yet fresh, adding layers of strategy and excitement. With quick match durations, it’s perfect for those who want intense action without a long time commitment. With its closed beta already showing promise, Jump Assemble is shaping up to be a must-play title for both MOBA enthusiasts and anime fans alike.

It’s worth mentioning that the game is still in its closed beta stage, so ongoing development is to be expected. For those keen to get in on the action early, stay updated with the latest Closed Beta Test information by following Jump Assemble’s official Discord channel. The game has already done a fantastic job of bringing the Shonen Jump universe to life, and it’s exciting to consider its potential as it evolves.

Happy gaming, and may the best Shonen hero win!

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