Don’t Scream, a Body-Cam Perspective Horror Game that put Horror Genre to Next Level

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In an era where the gaming industry is rapidly adapting and evolving to embrace new technologies and gaming experiences, “Don’t Scream” has emerged as a horrifyingly immersive experience that elevates the standard for realism in video games. Developed by a talented duo of indie developers and leveraging the advanced capabilities of Unreal Engine 5, this game introduces a captivating, yet terrifying, horror experience via a body-cam perspective. Moreover, it adds a layer of real-time interaction and consequence through microphone integration that has never been seen before.

Don’t Scream isn’t merely a title – it’s a core gameplay mechanic. Employing a unique use of microphone technology, the game evaluates your reactions by listening for your screams. Navigate through an eerie forest, complete with rustling leaves, distant howls, and unexpected apparitions. But remember: if you let out a scream, you’ll find yourself back at the starting point.

The use of body-cam perspective allows players to experience the game in a remarkably visceral and intimate way. Every stumble, rapid heartbeat, and gasping breath is palpable, creating a heightened sense of vulnerability and immersion. This innovative gameplay perspective, inspired by the recent surge in popularity of first-person shooters with a body-cam angle, now – we have a similar game but in horror genre.

The game is an 18-minute gameplay and is set to have early access on October 27, 2023 an Steam at

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