Clash of Clans is Coming to PC, But via Google Play Games

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Giving their classic games a fresh touch, Supercell is rolling out a new update for everyone. Their popular mobile games, Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, cherished by many over the years, are soon to be available on PCs. However, there’s a catch! They won’t be native PC games; instead, players will access them through Google Play Games (beta), which still quite an emulator.

While using Google Play Games on PC does provide a streamlined experience, it has some potential disadvantage. The platform utilizes built-in Hyper-V settings which will be a problem when using other emulators. The settings in Google Play Games could conflict with these other emulators, causing them unplayable. This means that if you rely on multiple emulators for different games or tasks, you might face challenges in running them concurrently with Google Play Games.

However, despite these technical challenges, the shift to the PC platform reflects Supercell’s dedication to expanding their gaming horizons. Given the large number of PC gamers, this change could attract a broader group of players to the Clash world.

What’s new with Clash of Clans and Clash Royale in PC is that players can look forward to an optimized gaming experience that are tailored for PC gameplay which will support mouse and keyboard. It will also enhance graphics, and superior performance capabilities. This is an invitation for both veterans and newcomers to experience the Clash world in a whole new light.

Starting today, fans in Canada, Chile, and Singapore can dive into these strategic worlds on a much larger screen. As part of a soft launch, both games are gradually becoming available to all Google Play Games users within these regions.

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