Nakwon: Last Paradise, a 16-Player K-Zombie Game Set in Post-Apocalyptic Seoul

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From the country that gave us captivating K-Dramas comes another form of entertainment—K-Zombie gaming. Nakwon – Last Paradise is an upcoming 16-player PvPvE game that takes zombie survival to new heights, set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic Seoul.

MINTROCKET, the developer known for Dave the Diver, describes Nakwon – Last Paradise as an “ambitious zombie apocalypse stealth-survival game.” Specifically designed for the PC platform, this game promises high-quality graphics and a smooth gaming experience, catering to PC gamers looking for an innovative take on zombie survival.

Nakwon – Last Paradise sets itself apart in the zombie survival genre by taking place in Seoul, where resources like weapons are scarce. The game demands players to use stealth and strategy to survive, not only against zombies but also against 15 other human players in a PvPvE setting.

Game Mechanics

In Nakwon, making a noise can be deadly; zombies are attracted to sound and will chase after any disturbance. Your actions in the game will determine whether you survive or become one more undead in the throngs of zombies populating Seoul.

Adding complexity to the survival equation are 15 other players, scavenging for the same limited resources and possibly willing to eliminate competition by any means. Trust is rare, making the game’s social dynamics as perilous as its zombies.

Your actions in Nakwon also influence your Citizen Grade, which provides different levels of access and privileges within the game. The better your grade, the more resources and options become available to you, adding another layer of complexity to the survival elements.

You can check the game trailer below or wishlist the game on Steam

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