The World Is Your Oyster! Sandbox Game “JungoJam” First Alpha Test!

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JungoJam is launching its first alpha test on Google Play on August 22 in the Philippines, New Zealand, and Australia. JungoJam is a sandbox game that combines social elements and diverse gameplay enhanced by a range of cool, cutting-edge technologies. In this game, the only limit is your imagination! Want to find out more? Join our Discord server and let’s JungoJam! (

JungoJam is a world made up of blocks. The alpha test will feature 5 maps that offer a variety of modes, from survival and role-play to creation and party games (knockout games). The game is also introducing AI, as well as more gameplay and convenient features to achieve our ultimate goal of crafting an all-in-one game.

Unpredictable Adventure With Fantastic Creatures

Explore the diverse terrain of JungoWorld, where a random vine you pick up and plant could grow all the way to a floating island. You can climb up and marvel at the stunning views of volcanoes and purple forests. The world is home to a range of unique creatures, from T-rex to archaeopteryxes. Don’t let their cuteness fool you, though—they mean serious business. So tread lightly around the bushes where crazy bunnies may lurk, and stay alert for ghosts and other nocturnal creatures that prowl in the dark… But don’t worry, you can also befriend the creatures by feeding them their favorite foods. A juicy piece of meat can turn the mighty T-rex from a foe to a friend and it’ll let you tour around on its back.

With blocks, you can unleash your creativity and imagination. The game allows for different play styles—you can challenge yourself by fighting bosses that rule the continent, build your dream city from over a hundred item and furniture blueprints, or bond with your friends by crafting a cozy home and taming creatures. The choice is entirely in your hands.

Anyone, Anywhere, Roleplay

JungoJam is an immersive role-play experience, where you can customize your avatar with hundreds of outfits and expressions. The movements are based on real human actions, making them realistic and dynamic. You can dress up your avatar in a variety of costumes for different professions, from police, doctor, and nurse to princess and Harlequin. Live out your fantasies and role-play as anyone, anywhere!

JungoJam brings you an amazing online multiplayer map tailored for role-play enthusiasts: JungoTown! JungoTown is a compact city with dozens of buildings like hospitals, police stations, and cafes. All open to players and jam-packed with interactables. There’s so much you can do in the city: summon a police car and be a police officer who fights crime on the streets, sneak into a bank and “borrow” the valuables in the safes, relax on the beach and drink with your friends at sunset, or swing by the dessert shop around the corner for a delicious treat.

Dreams Come True, only in Virtual Worlds

JungoCreata mode is the ultimate playground for your creativity, where every block and item is at your disposal. Create or destroy to your heart’s content to let your imagination come to life. The map comes with 6 amazing locations. Travel through the torii portal to admire the breathtaking traditional Japanese architecture, or venture into the magic castle to unravel the mysteries behind the gates. These pre-built locations save you from building from scratch and offer a more fun, unique role-play experience. Of course, you can also design and build your own kingdom from square one. Invite your friends to join your world and work together to create your dream kingdom!

Create Unique Actions With AI Motion

The game boasts a unique feature called AI Motion. Can’t find the action you want in the game? Your dance moves aren’t keeping up with the trends? Just import a video and the game will capture the motion and turn it into a character action!Whether you want a signature move or a special couple pose, AI Motion got you covered!

About Mobius Studio: The name reflects the studio’s vision of creating infinite possibilities with simple elements. We created JungoJam as a dynamic, free, and infinitely expandable world where players can enjoy numerous elements and unleash their creativity by crafting a world or even a game of their own easily.

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