Nintendo Tightens Access to Argentina’s eShop, Blocks Foreign Cards

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Nintendo has recently updated its policy for the Argentina eShop, blocking the use of credit and debit cards issued in other countries. This move comes after the growing trend among gamers to take advantage of the often-low prices on the Argentina eShop.

Cheaper game on Argentina eShop

The Argentina eShop became a popular destination for gamers around the world, not just in Argentina. This popularity stemmed from the frequent sales and offers that made games available at highly reduced prices. Gamers from other countries would flock to the Argentina eShop to purchase games, benefiting from the cheaper rates.

New Restriction

Nintendo has now implemented a system where only cards issued within Argentina are allowed for purchases on the Argentina eShop. This has effectively curbed the practice of international gamers using the platform to access games at a lower cost. If you try to purchase a game in Nintendo eShop, you’ll get an error message saying “There was an issue processing your transaction. Contact your card issuer for more information”.

However, gamers can still access the Nintendo eShop in Argentina, but they will be unable to complete a purchase without a locally issued card.

The Argentina’s Peso’s Drop

Since August 13, the exchange rate for the Argentine Peso has dropped almost 20%, from 0.20 to 0.16 against the US Dollar. This significant decrease in value might be one of the factors leading to Nintendo’s decision to implement these restrictions. The drop in the value of the Argentine Peso made the games on the Argentina eShop way more cheaper making more people buy games from there.

The decision is likely to be a blow to those who had become accustomed to purchasing games from the Argentina eShop. While some may view this as a step towards maintaining fairness in regional pricing, others may feel that it restricts consumer choice.

It’s worth noting that no announcements have been made about whether similar restrictions will be applied to other eShop countries such as Turkey, where games are also known to be cheaper.

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