Gunslinger Event: Get Rewards Box When Pre-Registered in Ragnarok X Next Generation

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Ragnarok X Next Generation has finally opened up its pre-registration for the upcoming class in the MMORPG game, the Gunslinger class. What’s exciting about this? The Gunslinger uses guns and bullets, a new kind of weapon never used in the game before. Even though the idea of guns might sound strange in the game themes, the Gunslinger is not new. This class was part of the original Ragnarok Online game, and now it is available in the mobile game too.

Aside from the upcoming Gunslinger, adventurer can now pre-register to this new class and to the upcoming new server and the good news is you can get a rewards box that contains usefull items.

How to Pre-register for Gunslinger

To pre-register, head to

Then, click the Pre-Register Now button and you must input your mobile number.

It will then asked you a verification code from your mobile phone and you have to enter to it.

Once done, click the Claim button to get your redeem code.

There are two types of codes, All Server Universal Gift Code and New Server Exclusive Gift Code. The Universal Gift code is redeemable to any servers. While the New Server gift codes is only redeemable to the upcoming server.

You can redeem these codes until August 31 only and here are the contents:

  • 9 x Mission Order
  • 9 x Poring Gold Coin
  • 999 x Odin’s Blessing
  • 2,999 x Crystals
  • 19 x 1 Carat Diamonds
  • 1 x Tome of Travers

As for the new server, you’ll get the following:

  • 10 x Stamina Potion
  • 2 x Advanced Upgrade Selection Pack II
  • 1 x Fair Enchantment Selection Pack
  • 1 x Weapon Card Selection Pack IV
  • 1 x Chocula Mount

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