Com2uS’ Summoners War Surpasses 200 Million Downloads Worldwide

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  • Summoners War that offers strategic gameplay with over 1,000 Monsters has surpassed 200 million total downloads worldwide
  • Users can claim various rewards including an L&D Scroll by collecting points via gameplay until the 20th
  • Various event rewards including a Lucky Magic Box that contains items such as Transcendence Scroll Pieces

Com2uS (CEO Joohwan Lee) announced that Summoners War: Sky Arena (hereinafter Summoners War), a global hit RPG game for mobile, has surpassed 200 million total downloads.

As a main franchise game of Com2uS, Summoners War has been a global hit mobile game since its release in 2014. Having recorded 10 million downloads within 1 month of its global service release, Summoners War has been constantly gaining popularity for the past 9 years and has finally reached 200 million downloads this year. Of the entire downloads, western regions such as America and Europe count for 57%, and other regions including South Korea and Asia count for 43%, clearly showing the popularity of Summoners War across the globe.

The main factor contributing to Summoners War’s continuous global success – reaching the top 1 in sales in 94 countries and top 10 in 155 regions, is its top-notch tactic-based gameplay based on forming diverse combinations with over 1,000 Monsters.

To celebrate this remarkable milestone and express gratitude to the users, Com2uS is holding various events that give out rewards just by participating.

In addition, an event that provides daily rewards such as Energy and Mana Stones will be held until Aug. 20th. Users can acquire an L&D Scroll, Devilmon, and Lucky Magic Box Coupons according to their total points earned during the event.

With the Lucky Magic Box Coupons, users can open a Lucky Magic Box that contains various rewards such as Transcendence Scroll Pieces and Legendary Scroll in the Surprise Shop until Aug. 22nd. Moreover, weekly items and daily Mystical Scroll rewards will be provided as well.

More info on the 200 million downloads special events can be found at the Summoners War official community.

Com2uS continually aims to improve the gameplay experience of Summoners War by revamping in-game content via the RELOADED major update and plans to expand its brand identity by introducing various IP-based content such as new titles, animation, comics, light novels, and more.

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