The Thrilling Victory of KeepBest Gaming (KBG) at the WRL A1 Championship

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The exhilarating journey of the inaugural Wild Rift League-Asia 1 (WRL A1) reached its climax on Sunday, July 23, with China’s KeepBest Gaming (KBG) claiming a decisive victory. In a grand sweep, KBG outperformed Philippines’ Nigma Galaxy (NGX), earning them the championship title and the first-ever hoist of the Wild Rift League-Asia Championship trophy.

The face-off at the final stage was a thrilling roller coaster, as teams battled fiercely for the championship crown. Coming into the tournament as the runner-up of the WRL CN conference, KBG faced 11 other robust teams for a slot at the Championship. The CN team dominated the Round-robin Stage with a flawless 3-0 record, securing a spot in the Grand Finals. 

KBG’s well-deserved victory also earned them the lion’s share of the CN¥2,000,000 (PHP 15 million) prize pool, taking home a cool CN¥1 million (PHP 7.5 million).

However, it wasn’t just KBG who made history at this event. NGX, the representative of the WRL APAC Conference and the Philippines, put on a spectacular show, outlasting seven other squads from their region and finishing second in the Round-robin Stage with a 2-1 standing. Their perseverance and outstanding performance took them to the Grand Finals following a hard-fought 3-2 victory over J Team in the semifinals.

Despite suffering a 4-0 defeat in the finals, the journey of NGX has been nothing less than extraordinary. This incredible achievement for NGX marks a significant milestone in the Philippines’ eSports history, as it was the first time a team from the Philippines made it to a major international Wild Rift tournament. The NGX also took home CN¥400,000 (PHP 3 million).

The WRL A1 finals adhered to a highly competitive system, ensuring the highest level of gameplay while providing an equal opportunity for all teams. The arrangement was methodical, and the schedule was designed to maintain a high level of engagement and excitement among both players and fans. The event also marks the growing popularity and competitiveness of Wild Rift eSports in the Philippines, and is sure to inspire many budding Filipino players to ‘Dare to Go Wild!’

As a treat for fans, Riot Games will release commemorative skin of KeepBest Gaming, the WRL A1 champions, next year. This skin will serve as a memento of this spectacular tournament. Stay tuned to the official announcements for more details.

The conclusion of WRL A1 marks the beginning of a new journey towards WRL A2, scheduled to run from September until December of this year. As we celebrate the success of WRL A1, we simultaneously look forward to the upcoming competition. The mantra for the future is clear – Dare to Go Wild! Whether you are a fan of the victorious KeepBest Gaming or a supporter of the other commendable teams, let’s rally our spirits, keep our hopes high for WRL A2, and continue to enjoy the captivating world of Wild Rift eSports.

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