Harry Potter Magic Awakened’s First Major Update: Here’s What You Need to Know

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Just two weeks after its much-anticipated release, Harry Potter Magic Awakened has rolled out its first significant update, a testament to the developers’ commitment to continual improvements and game optimization. The July 11 patch notes, released earlier today, outline an impressive range of enhancements, bug fixes, and major updates to the game’s core elements: Personal Space and classes.

New Beginnings in Personal Space

For ardent collectors with sizeable furniture inventories, the update has heralded some exciting developments. Wizards with more than 60 furniture items will now be able to unlock an additional room in their Personal Space, which they can style distinctly from the primary area.

Those who have accumulated over 100 furniture pieces can expand their Personal Space further, providing increased opportunities for creativity and personalization.

Streamlining the Exam Week

With the new update, the path to Exam Week becomes considerably less strenuous. Previously, players needed to complete 30 class tasks to unlock Exam Week. This requirement has now been halved to only 15 tasks, making progression more efficient and less time-consuming. For those struggling in Muggle Studies or the History of Magic, resources are available with answers that can fast-track you to achieving a Perfect score.

The reduction also extends to certain class tasks. Elementary Charms now only require three uses of ‘Wingardium Leviosa’, down from five, while Intermediate Charms only require four, as opposed to seven. The Intermediate Defense Against the Dark Arts Pixie class now demands you catch just 20 Pixies, a marked decrease from the previous requirement of 29. This trimming down of tasks is designed to enhance the gaming experience, enabling players to pass and achieve Perfect scores with greater ease.

Additional Bug Fixes and Optimizations

Beyond these substantial changes, the July 11 patch notes detail an array of smaller bug fixes and optimization tweaks, demonstrating the developers’ attention to every facet of the game. Notably, players can now refresh up to three daily tasks and will experience improved UI across various game areas.

For a comprehensive breakdown of the changes, here are all of the improvement and bug fixes.

  • Improved the visuals for opening Knapsacks.
  • Improved the shopping list UI for Madam Malkin’s.
  • Players can now use additional copies of max-level cards for Social Club Card Trade.
  • Improved the visuals for Mystery Wheel. Players can now preview individual furniture pieces.
  • Players can now refresh 3 daily tasks per theme, changing the task objective but not the reward.
  • Daily task progress in the Forbidden Forest can now be shared among all group members. Forest tasks are also more easily completed.
  • Players can now view their winning streak on the Duelling Club prepare screen.
  • Players can now enable auto camera during Forest Exploration in Settings.
  • Players can now view their bonuses from events or purchases on the Forest Exploration results screen.
  • Improved the details page of Forest Exploration.
  • Improved the visuals of rewards preview and enhancement selection in Forest Exploration.
  • Players can now view the maximum exploration time for the Flying Ford Anglia on the rewards preview screen.
  • Improved the score compensation and details page for lower-tier players when matched with Magic Awakened duellists.
  • Players can now tap to teleport to the initiator of the Photo Album tasks when taking photos. The photo-taking task will complete for all participants once the initiator completes it.
  • Improved the Forbidden Forest’s camera setting by allowing players to turn off the auto camera in settings. When the auto camera is turned off, players will need to manually adjust camera angles during Forbidden Forest combats.
  • Improved the chat channel experience by adding a translation feature. Players can tap on the translate button to translate messages from other languages into the language that they are playing in.
  • Improved the Forbidden Forest team exploration experience by adding an SOS feature. When players fail a stage for the first time, they may choose to call for rescue. If rescued, players can continue to clear the stage, but cannot advance to the next stage. The rescuer can obtain all stage rewards except for Echoes, along with Thank-you Notes.
  • Improved the waiting UI display when finding matches in the Duelling Club. When players are matched against players from other regions, there will be a prominent alert icon.
  • Players can now spectate currently in-combat friends by tapping on their portrait in the friend list.
  • A stream feature has been added to the Knapsack, where one can observe combat between other players. Top-ranking duellists for Top Wizard/Best Partners will also receive requests to stream their duels. Accepting the request will cause some of your future duels to be visible to other players.
  • Players now have to be Spellbook Lv. 45 to enter Stage 25 of Solo Exploration.
  • Improved the Dance Club experience: When the Practice Room is closed, players will no longer linger in it. Instead, they will be reminded of when the Performance Room opens.
  • Improved the Dance Club’s display and fixed the issues of screen blocking and clipping in some cases.
  • Players can now end the effects of Hair-Raising Potions and Potions of Invisibility manually.
  • Improved the Furniture album by adding the Back to School furniture pieces.
  • Improved the display of yet to unlock furniture in the Album and the UI display when players sit down in the Personal Space. Also fixed an issue where the screen is blocked when using the New Look Mirror.
  • Shop packs are now displayed by category.
  • Improved how the Personal Space is unlocked. Players who have accepted the Personal Space task will instantly unlock the Personal Space feature.
  • Fixed an issue where sound effects play incorrectly for the Flying Ford Anglia.
  • Fixed an issue where visuals play incorrectly for the Pensieve Reflection portrait frame.
  • Fixed an issue where non-members were showing up in the Social Club.
  • Fixed an issue where daily tasks could not be completed and optimised the description for some tasks.
  • Fixed an issue where skin colour was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where the scope of invitation is incorrectly displayed when players above 8100 points invite friends for Best Partners matches.
  • Fixed an issue where Standing Blackboard was missing from Season Task rewards. It can now be found in the Personal Space of eligible players.
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