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Blizzard Entertainment’s platform is undoubtedly a trusted place for gamers worldwide to purchase popular titles such as “World of Warcraft,” “Overwatch,” and the eagerly awaited “Diablo IV.” However, users have encountered problems when attempting to buy games on this platform, specifically when topping up their accounts in advance to pre-order games.

The Problem: Delay in Account Balance Approval

This issue typically begins when a user tops up their account with the exact cost of the game they intend to purchase. For instance, a user might choose to pre-order the new Diablo IV by depositing an equivalent amount into their account. However, instead of the topped-up amount being instantly available, it’s held in pending status. According to the platform’s related articles, this pending status can last anywhere from one to three days. This can be frustrating for users who wish to play a game that’s launching the next day, as the pending status prevents them from pre-ordering the game.

Upon checking their account balance, users will encounter a message stating, “You have a pending balance transaction of $100.00. Once approved, your updated balance will appear here.” Yet, when attempting to pre-order the game, they receive a notification stating their balance is insufficient. Checking the balance page again confirms that the topped-up amount remains in pending status.

The Solution: Direct Purchase and Refund

One effective solution to this issue is to bypass the account top-up and purchase the game directly. This can be done by navigating to the desired game, such as “Diablo IV,” and selecting the purchase option. This method appears to circumvent the pending balance problem, as the game is immediately added to the user’s library. Users can then download the game if it’s available for pre-order or about to launch.

For those who have already topped up their accounts and want to get back their money: request a refund for the topped-up amount. To do this, users will need to reach out to’s customer support and explain your situation. Given the pending status of the balance and the immediate desire to purchase a game, the support team should be able to assist with the refund process. However, this refund process may require a significant amount of time, depending on the payment method used.

For Blizzard

It’s essential for Blizzard’s platform to address this issue, as it can significantly impact the purchasing experience of their users, possibly leading to dissatisfaction or loss of trust in the platform – because similar problems do not seem to exist on other gaming platforms.

Until then, users should consider the options available to them when faced with this issue. By either purchasing the game directly or reaching out to customer support for a refund, they can navigate around this issue and continue enjoying their gaming experience.

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