Ragnarok X: Next Generation’s 2nd-Anniversary Truck Arrived In Two Cities! A heartwarming Future Awaits Us All

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The popular 3D MMORPG mobile game Ragnarok X: Next Generation (hereafter referred to as ROX) welcomed its 2nd anniversary yesterday! For the past two years, innumerable Adventurers encountered each other in Prontera, setting off on a fascinating journey exclusive to the next generation. And now, the ROX team has brought back this heartfelt intention by meeting players in Thailand, The Philippines, and Indonesia.

The ROX TRUCK Parade is no doubt the most surprising event in the celebration this time! The official team held a poll before the anniversary celebration, allowing everyone to vote on which cities they would like to see the truck arrive at. And the ROX team was fully committed to it, going all the way to Manila and Taguig in The Philippines just to meet the fans.

Once the magical truck in pink showed up at the venue, a large number of people were immediately attracted to it, showing their great support. At the venue, there was the adorable iconic monster X-Poring, and a real-world Magic Furnace looking just like what’s in the game. Besides the fantastic ROX decorations everywhere, there were also many rewarding events. Adventurers who checked in at the venue received X-Poring ice cream, stickers, game merch, and more.

Designated photo zones were established and social media events were held as well. Adventurers could take all the selfies they want with their favorite Kafra Maids and X-Poring, capturing this beautiful and memorable moment. By checking in and sharing, they could participate in the Vending Machine drawing event to win even more exquisite game merch.

In addition to the unique game merch and gifts, the thing that Adventurers cared about the most was the in-game bonus. During the event, the “Smash It” event allowed everyone to smash their way to win the refining bonuses. Those who won the grand prize and became the King of Refinement could immediately boost a piece of equipment of their choice to refinement level +12. Let’s check out the winners! And that was not all of it! Many other rewards, such as increasing the refining level of one of your equipment by 1, Advanced Refinement Gift Pack, Protection & Blessing Selection Pack, and many more instant in-game bonuses, have all found their lucky owners!

Alan, the game’s publishing producer, expressed his feeling at the 2nd Anniversary Celebration. “It is your enthusiasm, your feedback, and your participation that continually inspire us to push the boundaries and strive for greatness. Remember, the journey does not end here. It is merely a stepping stone towards even greater heights and boundless possibilities. We eagerly await the next chapter in our shared adventure, where new horizons await us and new legends will be written.” According to him, ROX will stay with everyone and continue to deliver exciting and heartfelt content to everybody.

The Adventurers had an amazing time in this wonderful 2nd Anniversary Celebration together with ROX. Plus, the official team also demonstrated a desire to keep this going and stay with all the players in the future to fight, farm monsters, level up, and most importantly, deliver a game that is packed with fun and exciting content and events. And just a reminder, ROX x That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Collaboration 2.0 will be officially available on June 25 with an even more immersive experience. Not only can the Adventurers transform themselves into those popular Slime characters such as Rimuru, but also the biggest mount, Storm Dragon, is about to make its entrance. Players can participate in the all-new board game for tons of collaboration rewards!

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