Marking 3,333 Days of Service, Com2uS’ Summoners War is Offering Special Gifts to Everyone!

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Hold onto your mobiles, Summoners! Com2uS is taking celebrations to celestial heights as they mark an incredible 3,333 days of delivering action-packed adventure with their flagship title, Summoners War: Sky Arena!

Summoners War, a game that has thundered its way across the globe since its release in 2014, reaching an astonishing 190 million downloads and topping sales charts in 94 regions worldwide. It’s a testament to its universal appeal, equally bewitching players in Asia, North America, and Europe. Today, Com2uS, under the leadership of CEO Joohwan Lee, has announced a thrilling tribute to the game’s global fandom!

First on the roster, prepare to reap a cornucopia of in-game rewards, available from the shop every day until the 7th of June. These aren’t just any old rewards, Summoners. We’re talking about the mighty 9-Year Special Scrolls, the enigmatic Devilmon, and 6-star Legend Runes! Com2uS is setting the sky alight with their generosity, delivering a veritable treasure trove straight to your game inventory.

Even more exciting, the 9th-anniversary event beckons you to the summoning circle with the Engrave Summon Event! Delve into this high-stakes event, where Legendary Engraved Stones, Engraved Scrolls, or Engraved Summoning Pieces are your keys to participating. You’ll have the power to choose from one of the ten Engrave Summon lists, each brimming with a diverse selection of 3 to 5-star Water/Fire/Wind Monsters. Imagine, Summoners, each summon attempt could net you a new monster ally! What’s more, if you perform Engrave Summons 10 times during the event, you’ll be rewarded with a bonus Engraved Scroll!

This grandiose celebration is just a glimpse into the monumental event series Com2uS is planning for the 9th anniversary of Summoners War’s launch. Feedback is already streaming in from devoted players worldwide, all of them buzzing with anticipation. Remember, Summoners, participation is the key to earning various rewards!

For more scintillating details, visit the Summoners War official community page:

Ready to join the adventure or return to the fray? Download Summoners War: Sky Arena here:

So, Summoners, are you ready to seize the day and reach for the stars? The 3,333rd day of Summoners War is upon us. Let the games begin!

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