How to Reset Skill Points in Diablo IV

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Embarking on an adventure in Diablo IV means allocating skill points to customize your character’s abilities. This customization often revolves around specific weapon skills suited for your chosen class, such as the dual-wield ability for a Barbarian. Yet, certain selections, like opting for the Lunging Strike skill, might shift your Barbarian’s default weapon from dual-wielded axes to a hefty two-handed hammer. This shift occurs because the chosen skill serves as the foundation for your weapon and skill mastery pathway.

There may be instances when you’re dissatisfied with your character’s weapon type or class mastery. Perhaps you miss your Barbarian’s dual axes or crave a different mastery for your character.

You are not alone! In Diablo IV, there’s a straightforward way to reset your skill stats and reconfigure your character’s abilities to match your preferred playstyle. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to reset your skill points.

How to Reset Skill Points

Step 1: Open the Abilities Menu – The first step towards resetting your skills is to access the Abilities menu. For PC users, simply press the ‘A’ key to open this menu.

Step 2: Find the ‘Refund All’ Button – Once the Abilities menu is open, locate the ‘Refund All’ button. This button is typically positioned at the bottom of the screen, making it easy to find.

Step 3: Reset Your Skill Tree – After clicking the ‘Refund All’ button, the game will prompt you to confirm whether you truly want to reset your skill tree. Confirm your choice, and voila! Your skill points will reset, enabling you to reallocate them as you please.

Step 4: Choose Your New Skill and Weapon Mastery – With your skill points reset, you’re free to explore different paths in your skill tree. You can choose a new weapon mastery that fits your style, whether you’re a Sorceress favoring elemental magic or a Barbarian craving the thrill of dual axes. Spend some time experimenting with different combinations until you find a mastery that feels right for your character.

You may also reset skill points individually by going to the already assigned skill points and just right-clicking on it – but make sure to follow the tree-chart requirement to adjust the skill points.

That’s it for now guys! So go ahead, hit that ‘Refund All’ button, and rediscover the thrill of customizing your character in the immersive world of Diablo IV.

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