How to Gacha a Legendary Equipment in Diablo IV

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If you’re playing Diablo IV and want to get legendary equipment, there’s a way you can do it using something called Murmuring Obols. These are special coins that you can find in the game and use as a wager to get a chance at winning a unique Legendary gear. In mobile MMORPG, we call it “Gacha”.

How to get Murmuring Obols

The Murmuring Obols can be collected by adventuring in the various dungeons scattered across the game world.

A notable location that has been found to yield a substantial number of Murmuring Obols is the dungeon at the top of the Fractured Peaks. There’s a castle there with an event you can do over and over again. The trick is to finish the event, teleport back to your hometown, then teleport back to the dungeon. This lets you do the event again and again to collect lots of Murmuring Obols.

Remember, you can only carry 500 Murmuring Obols at a time. So, you have to spend them before you can collect more.

Wager or Gacha for some Legendary Gear

When you’re ready to spend your Obols, look for an NPC called Purveyor of Curiosities in any major town. For example, in Kyovashad, you can find Lizveth, who is a Purveyor of Curiosities.

When you’re at the Purveyor of Curiosities, you can use your Obols to try to win legendary equipment. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll get a Gold or Legendary item every time, but there’s a good chance.

With some luck, you might get a really great item like the Edgemaster’s Demonblade, which has cool special effects.

Remember, getting good gear is important in Diablo IV to beat all the enemies. Using the Murmuring Obols can help you get strong gear. Good luck!

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