How to Download Harry Potter Magic Awakened on PC

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The Harry Potter game you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Warner Bros. Games and NetEase, Inc. have made a free-to-play game named Harry Potter: Magic Awakened (HPMA). Although initially introduced for mobile platforms, the magic isn’t confined to just your smartphones; the game is also accessible on PCs, making it available for all Harry Potter enthusiasts across different platforms.

What sets the PC version of ‘Harry Potter: Magic Awakened’ (HPMA) apart is its superior graphic quality. The game boasts the best textures and resolution possible on the platform, ensuring an immersive and visually stunning gaming experience. The game is about 15.41 GB on PC version, while on mobile it’s just 2.6GB.

So, how does one get their hands on this official PC version of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened? Follow the steps outlined below to embark on your magical journey:

  1. Download the PC version from their official website at
  2. Install the game and follow the instruction. Make sure you have enough storage.
  3. It will then open its game launcher and it will download the necessary files to start the game.

‘Harry Potter: Magic Awakened’ transports you into the enchanting world of Hogwarts as a student. You’ll learn and cast spells, employing a unique twist that involves the use of magical cards. The game allows for card collection and offers a competitive element as you engage in spellbinding duels with fellow students.

The game is rich with elements drawn from the beloved Harry Potter universe. You can pledge allegiance to one of the Hogwarts Houses, attend various magical classes, and even delve into the mysteries of the Forbidden Forest.

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