Eggy Party Brings New Season, the Candy Sweethearts Season Pass Event (New Stages and Outfits)

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Prepare to indulge in a delightful treat as Eggy Party’s Candy Sweethearts event is poised to add a scrumptious twist to your gameplay. Launching on June 30th, the brand-new season for Eggy Party unfolds, beckoning you to embark on an enticing adventure through a mouthwatering universe of desserts. This event will shower you with a sweet assortment of new collectibles and mini-games, ready to satiate your gaming appetite.

Get a glimpse of the season in the Candy Sweethearts Season Trailer:

Eggy Party, a popular mobile party game, provides an electrifying arena for players to express their creativity by fashioning their own Eggy characters and pit them against others in captivating mini-games. Featuring an innovative Eggy Workshop, the game allows players to design unique stages and share them with a global audience.

Running from June 30th to August 3rd, the Candy Sweethearts event introduces 10 scrumptious new maps to Eggy Party, like Jellybean Jamboree, Sweet Egg-scape, The Mixing Bowl, Chocolate Fountain, and more. Along with these comes the Candy Sweethearts Activity Tasks. Here, players can participate in exclusive events, earn Gummies, and exchange them for Star Candy at the Season Store to grab enticing outfits and accessories.

This season heralds a plethora of unique items available for purchase, especially through the exciting Party Pass. Successfully completing the Activity Tasks lands players with fascinating gear like the Cute Dove Outfit and accessories. Besides, purchasing the pass and accomplishing the tasks rewards players with adorable outfits such as the Chichi, Long-Bill, and Chirpy, and the chance to amass extra Shiny Coins and Egg Coins!

Yet, the Party Pass is not the sole avenue for players to win remarkable prizes in Eggy Party. The Candy Sweethearts Season Mystery Box comes loaded with fresh and vibrant outfits, including the Rainbow Witch, Wish Fairy, Honey Prince, and more.

Moreover, the Candy Sweethearts event features unique Season Ranking Rewards. As players complete Egg Rank Tasks and climb the ranks, they can unlock exclusive gear like the Chocolate Store Clerk Outfit, Candy Cane accessory, and the Marshmallow Avatar Frame.

The Candy Sweethearts event encapsulates an exquisite blend of flavor and style, but don’t be fooled by the cuteness of your dessert-like Eggy! Winning mini-games could demand some strategic moves, quick alliances, and ruthless gameplay. So get ready to dive into one of the most eggciting games of the year with Eggy Party!

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