Black Desert SEA’s “Land of the Morning Light”: A Dive into the Joseon Era Inspired Expansion

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The much-awaited “Land of the Morning Light” region in the Black Desert SEA is now ready for Adventurers to explore, according to the recent announcement from the game developer, Pearl Abyss. This newly unveiled region offers players an enriching journey through the breathtaking landscapes reminiscent of the Joseon era, significantly widening the scope of the game’s universe.

“Land of the Morning Light” is meticulously crafted with picturesque environments, flora, and homes, echoing the grandeur of Joseon-era architecture. Unique boss characters are also introduced, each carrying a touch of folklore, myths, and fables from the same period, enriching the narrative fabric of the game.

Existing Adventurers are given an easy access point to the new region with the “Emma’s Invitation” quest received from the Black Spirit. Following this questline eventually leads the players to Nampo Harbor, the gateway to this brand-new world. Intriguingly, the new region isn’t exclusively for experienced Adventurers. Fresh starters can opt for the Land of the Morning Light as their starting point, creating a seamless integration of new and veteran players alike.

The new region reveals a unique gameplay experience through a “Collection of Tales” – a series of eight intertwined stories. Adventurers have the freedom to choose their own narrative paths, encouraging a non-linear progression that sets this region apart from the traditional game structure. Included in the tales are unique characters like the fierce tiger lord Sangoon, the savage Golden Pig King, the vengeful ghost Songakshi, and others, promising a myriad of thrilling encounters.

One of the highlights of this new expansion is the Boss Blitz challenge, “Black Shrine.” After defeating a boss, Adventurers can further test their skills by facing a more formidable version of the same boss. These challenges are divided into ten “Calamities,” with each boss vulnerable to one of the three “Auras.”

Notably, bosses can only receive and deal damage according to a specific ratio—90% aura attribute and 10% character’s stat. Players can utilize the “Light Orbs” earned from the main questline to invest in the auras, adding an extra layer of strategy to the gameplay.

This expansion also introduces a new top-tier gear piece, “Dahn’s Gloves.” Adventurers can acquire this item at a low rate from the bosses or gather prerequisite materials based on their weekly rankings. The coveted “Flame of Hongik” forms an integral part of these crafting requirements.

The launch of the “Land of the Morning Light” has been marked by an array of events. Adventurers can participate to earn rewards like Shimmering Blue Jades and the Rare Morning Light Box. In addition, the Caphras Stone Extraction event allows veteran Adventurers to extract Caphras Stones for a single Silver, presenting a unique opportunity for in-game advancement.

Adventurers can find more information about the expansion in the latest introductory trailer and the GM note. Explore this new expansion and delve into the lore, items, and challenges it brings to the fore in Black Desert SEA’s immersive universe.

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