Seal-M Officially Launches in Southeast Asia, With New Events and Rewards

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PLAYWITH’s popular MMORPG, Seal-M, has officially launched in Southeast Asia. The game is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

After months of anticipation, the multi-access roleplaying game (MMORPG) SEAL-M has officially launched in Southeast Asia. Following the return of this beloved classic last year, PLAYWITH has continued to engage gamers with pre-registration events, enticing prizes, and in-game rewards.

SEAL-M garnered over 700,000 pre-registrations during its pre-registration event and topped the Apple App Store charts in popularity and sales last summer. The game promises a more thrilling gameplay experience with improved in-game rewards, an enhanced hit skill, and additional charming elements that will delight gamers.

To celebrate the launch, PLAYWITH is offering a variety of events and rewards for players. These include:

  • Blue Marble Event, where players can travel to different countries in Southeast Asia and collect rewards. For every country they visit, they will be presented with various growth items. When they complete the Marble Board once, they will get two golden coins (an important currency in the game). The Blue Marble Event will run from May 11, 2023 to June 7, 2023.
  • Four-week attendance events, where players can earn rewards for logging in every day. Players participating in the game can constantly enjoy many rewards.
  • Level achievement events, where players can earn rewards for reaching certain levels.

In addition to these events, Seal-M also features a variety of new content and updates, including:

  • Improved gameplay, with enhanced hit skills and additional cute elements.
  • New in-game rewards, including new pets, mounts, and costumes.
  • New events and challenges, including guild battles and boss raids.

Jeff Hwang, Production Director at PLAYWITH, said: “We will repay the user’s love by preparing content and updates based on stable services so that the game can be more enjoyable. I hope you continue to look forward to our updates and we are grateful for your unwavering support to this beloved game.”

Players are encouraged to join ‘SEAL Talk’ to make in-game friends, discuss strategies with other gamers, and take advantage of the pairing system filled with unique personalities and various combat elements. These elements include dungeon battles against bosses, guild battles, and opportunities to upgrade skills and equipment.

For more information about SEAL-M, please visit its official website and follow their social media pages:

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