“ROX You Once More!” – Ragnarok X: Next Generation Celebrates its 2 Year Anniversary

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New Game Updates Based on Player Feedback and Celebrations with Awesome Rewards

UPDATE as of 05/31/2023: We just wanted to share an important update with you about the 2nd Anniversary celebration. ROX has clarified that during the 2nd anniversary event, only the card drop chances will be doubled, not the refinement.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation publisher Nuverse today announced a series of updates and events to celebrate the second anniversary of the popular 3D MMORPG mobile game.  In honor of the dedicated players of ROX, new updates will resolve several of the most common issues including class imbalance, difficulty in taming pets, getting gold cards, and cultivating equipment. The celebration will continue with special in-game and offline events as well as the return of one of the ROX’s highly acclaimed collaborations.

The celebration is being carried out in two parts that promise to bring new excitement for all Adventurers.

Part 1

The anniversary celebration kicks off on June 8 with the first Bonus Event, which includes new game updates based on the most frequent player feedback and suggestions over the past two years.  The updates will be optimized and include the following changes:

  • Gold Card Spree Event: Complete the Daily Activity Quests to get a Gold Card for free
  • Pet Gameplay Update: Too hard to get a pet? Now, your first pet-taming attempt in the wilderness will have a 100% chance of success
  • Star Card Upgrade System: Excessive cards are lying in your backpack, but you don’t just want to dismantle them. What should you do then? Now, put together at least 2 identical cards to upgrade them into a Star Card! Easier, faster, and stronger
  • Double the Chance: During the 2nd Anniversary Celebration, the chance of card dropping will be doubled during a limited time event.
  • An adjustment to the Class Balancing issues
  • A new server will be made available

The celebration continues with a new look for Poring as it switches into X Poring.  Now, the ROX-exclusive X Poring will be expecting Adventurers at the Central Fountain in Prontera. To make the celebration even more interesting, X Poring worked with Kafra, to create  a number of funny events:

  • An all-new Liquor Party event that begins on June 17 where Adventurers can party up to complete quests and thus get new mounts.
  • June 19 is the return of the Cross-Server GVG returns on June 19. where Adventurers can assemble their guild to fight for glory
  • In addition, new dancing actions, emoticons and costumes will be waiting for Adventurers to explore.

From June 25 to July 9, the highly-acclaimed collaboration “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” will return and will include a new multiplayer mode, offering an enhanced interactive experience for Adventurers playing the board game. New costumes (Souei, Hinata Sakaguchi, Shizue), mounts and cards will be available as well.

Part 2

The 2-year anniversary celebration continues with official ROX team meet-and-greet events in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 17th and the next day in Bangkok, Thailand. At the events, Adventurers can meet the Nuverse publishing team behind ROX and pick up some great free game merchandise.  Adventurers can register for both events through the ROX official community and each meeting will be live-streamed. As part of the events, an online drawing will be held where participants can win a variety of rewards, including gold cards, weapons, and mounts.

The free game merchandise does not end there.  Players can show their game character of any Ragnarok series and be eligible to receive free game merchandise.  ROX players can also have a chance to receive the grand prize of boosting their refinement level to Lv.12 on any equipment.

Look out for the ROX TRUCK — Since May 25, players have been voting for which cities in Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines the ROX TRUCK should visit. The winning cities will soon be revealed and the official ROX team will show up in the ROX TRUCK, which will be loaded with rewards and game merchandise gifts.

In addition, these city events will include a special booth named Smash It!, allowing every ROX player to draw once for free, with a 100% chance to receive a Refinement Gift Pack. Adventurers can also have a chance to instantly boost the refinement level to Lv.12 on any of their equipment or increase the refinement level on any equipment by 1. Topping up via https://pay.nvsgames.com/ is guaranteed to get you another free draw!

For further information on all the activities for the 2 year celebration, please visit the official ROX Facebook page.

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