Ragnarok Origin’s TikTok and SnackVideo challenge kicks off in Southeast Asia!

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Experience the classic, and relive memories of first love! The MMORPG sequel of Ragnarok Online (RO), “Ragnarok Origin (ROO)”, published by Gravity Game Hub, has launched the #Poringface challenge on TikTok and SnackVideo during Hari Raya, and has since garnered an impressive number of 700 million cumulative views!

Love sweeps through Southeast Asia as Ragnarok Origin launches video challenge

Countless players have been participating actively with the in-game events and activities, while ROO’s on-ground events have caught the eyes of the masses. To reciprocate the feelings of the players, ROO has launched the #Poringface challenge during the Hari Raya season on TikTok in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia – as well as on SnackVideo in Indonesia. It has thus been met with positive responses, bringing ROO to a wider audience.

The #Poringface challenge features a unique RO filter with an adorable Poring headband, along with beautifying effects that create a dreamy, endearing look for users. The video starts off without any filter, along with a localized voiceover of the dialogue “I didn’t want to play this game you know”, before transitioning into the nostalgic “Prontera” background music and application of the RO filter, and continuing with the voiceover “but he just keeps telling me I’m his first love”. It has since caught the attention of countless female players especially, garnering active participation of more than 300,000 users, with over 700 million views! The challenge has ended, but interested players can still search for the tag #Poringface on both platforms to experience the filter and join in the fun! 

From stunning fashion to adorable pets, Ragnarok Origin has become a favorite among female players!

For instance, the novel pet and mount system of ROO features hundreds of cute and cool-looking pets and mounts for players to choose from. These companions not only provide assistance to the players on their journey, but also offer a comforting presence. After all, who can resist an adorable and charming pet?

Additionally, the fashion system of ROO is exceptionally popular among female players. Showered with hundreds of options of different cute headgears and gorgeous outfits to choose from, everyone can be a fashionista in the world of Midgard!

With this pet system, combined with countless fashionable outfits that players can customize their characters with, makes each and every ROO character a unique entity of its own. It has thus won over the hearts of countless female players, drawing in a high proportion of female users and surpassing many other MMORPGs in this aspect.

Heart Fluttering Moment, Original Love is Back

Ragnarok Online is one of the classic games that has captured the hearts of the public, and for a good reason. Its title as a “classic game” extends beyond the game itself, and illustrates the lasting impact RO has on its players, introducing players to the world of online social networking, akin to the feeling of “First Love”. The launch of ROO has hence, once again, sparked a wave of nostalgia and passion among many fans.

Ragnarok Origin is an MMORPG game that revolves around relaxation and aims to bring happiness to its players, and where players can expect to go on an exciting journey full of pleasant surprises. Making new friends and claiming various rewards are just some of the examples! As an MMORPG game with “First Love” as its theme, there will be more in-game events and activities that focus on deepening the bonds and relationships of adventurers. For adventurers seeking love and excitement, this is your call to join millions of other adventurers in the world of Midgard! Stay tuned, and let’s look forward to the upcoming events!

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