Passcode to the Poison Cabinet in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

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In the gripping world of ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’, players are confronted with many challenges and mysteries. One such intrigue is found in the mission titled ‘Desperate Measures’. In this mission, your primary objective is to access a bunker key held by General Charkov.

The way to get it? Poison him. But there’s a catch – the poison is locked away in a cabinet, and it’s your job to find the code.

What is the Code?

The poison is securely stored in a locked cabinet within Kravchenko’s office. Opening this cabinet requires a specific numeric code.

If you’re in a hurry, the code you need is 16 75 60.

Simply enter these numbers to unlock the cabinet.

Steps on finding the Codes

If you’re intrigued about how this code is obtained, here are the steps to derive it using the clues found within Kravchenko’s office.

Access the Computer: Interact with the computer in the office and access the file titled “Nova 6 Entry 2”. In this file, you’ll notice the elements “S” – Sulfur, “Re” – Rhenium, and “Nd” – Neodymium highlighted in red. There’s also a note stating “Remaining vials in locked cabinet”.

Decoding the Elements: In front of the computer is a Periodic table. Locate the elements “S”, “Re”, and “Nd” on it. Each of these elements is associated with a number: S = 16, Re = 75, Nd = 60. When you combine it, it is 6-digit number, and it can be used to unlock the cabinet.

Unlocking the Cabinet: Go back to the locked cabinet and input the numbers. The cabinet will open, granting you access to the poison you need.

Go back to the Guard: You can then go back to the guard and you can now choose the first selection and continue the mission.

Solving the cabinet puzzle in ‘Desperate Measures’ requires a keen eye and attention to detail, but with this guide, you should be able to navigate through this mission successfully. This puzzle-solving technique can be applied to other missions in the game, so keep your eyes open for similar challenges. Happy gaming!

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