MegaModz Custom PS5 Controller Review (DualSense 5)

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When you first get your hands on a new console, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of unboxing that shiny new controller. But as time goes on and you spend countless hours immersed in your favorite games, that once-perfect controller can start to lose its magic. Whether you’re craving something new to spice up your gaming experience, have grown tired of the default design, or simply want an extraordinary controller with macros, MegaModz has the perfect solution, a modded controller.

The MegaModz controllers distinguish themselves from regular ones through their array of unique features, advanced customization options in almost every part of the controller. These controllers are specifically designed to cater to the needs of gamers who seek more control, versatility, and adaptability in their gaming setups, allowing them to fine-tune their equipment for a personalized gaming experience.

The current price of their PS5 Dualsense 5 controller starts at $79.99 with a modded design and can increase up to $249 depending on the mods you choose. Advanced features like back buttons, mechanical shoulder, and face buttons range from $29 to $70 each. You can check it at

Here is the configuration we have used for this controller:

  • Hardware & Performance Upgrades:
    Mechanical Face Buttons
    Macro Remap Functionality (5 Sub-modes)
    Thumbsticks: Interchangeable White
  • Exterior Upgrades:
    Front Body: Great Wave Kanagawa
    Back Body: Rubberized White Grip (2 Back Paddles)
    D-pad: White On Baby Blue
    Face Buttons: White On Baby Blue
    Trim Heaven Blue
    R1/R2 – L1/L2 – Heaven Blue

Look and Feel

MegaModz controllers come in their own unique box packaging that distinguishes them from the original PS5 controller box. While the design is made of paper board and the print quality may not be as premium as some would expect, this is not a significant concern considering that this product is primarily purchased online and likely won’t be displayed on store shelves. However, for collectors who appreciate premium packaging, an upgraded box would be a welcome addition.

The front of the box features a prominent image of the custom-modded PS5 controller, with the label “Customized Mega Modz Controller” and the PS5 logo displayed at the bottom.

On both sides of the box, you’ll find the official MegaModz logo.

As well as a QR code that leads to a full set of instructions.

The back of the box provides detailed information about the various add-ons and customization options that you can choose for your controller.

Inside the box, they use the original box tray and plastic cover of the controller.

Moving on to the controller itself, it boasts a surprisingly premium skin made from high-quality materials, leaving no noticeable flaws or discrepancies. The “Great Wave Kanagawa” design and print quality accurately reflect what you see when ordering it on their website, resulting in an even more stunning final print. The imagery is sharp and vivid, featuring a glossy, smooth finish that further elevates the controller’s premium feel.

The “White on Baby Blue” colors of the buttons look great and are very similar to the original buttons on the Blue PS5 controller.

It’s possible that they use the same plastic buttons from the original controller and just change the background color for the custom design.

The touchpad uses the same quality print and materials. Even with the skin applied, the touchpad remains as responsive as it would be without the skin.

There are a few small flaws when you closely look at the most curved areas of the controller, which aren’t usually visible. But since it’s a vinyl skin, these imperfections are normal and not a big concern.

The base part of the controller also has a premium feel. Unlike the original black color, this one has the light blue matte finish that is soft to the touch. The PS button and the LED indicator keep their original design and function, blending in seamlessly with the customized aspects of the controller.

The custom plastic body of the PS5 controller does feel a bit regular plastic but sturdy, and there are some minor imperfections in the molding on less noticeable parts. It might not be as premium as the original, but it still feels comfortable and does the job done.

The cutout for the mod LED indicator and the charging port precisely cut without any visible imperfections.

The rubberized grip is also a noteworthy, it feels comfortable in the hand and provides extra grip. The rubber material has a cooler feel, making the controller even more pleasant to hold.

The back button features the same plastic quality as the controller’s back, but with a more of a matte finish. It fits seamlessly on the back, giving the impression that it is part of the original controller design.

The wing buttons are perfectly curved to match the contour of the back controller. Pressing these buttons provides a tactile response, and they are ideally positioned for easy pressing with your third finger with less chances of accidental press.

The controller we get comes with three pairs of easy-to-snap interchangeable thumbsticks, available in three different sizes and heights. This feature allows you to effortlessly swap out these thumbsticks, depending on the game you’re playing, ensuring a customized gaming experience that suits your preferences and playstyle.

Overall, the entire look and feel of the controller are impressive. It maintains a premium feel, with the combination of their own customized parts.


The MegaModz PS5 controller is expected to work as well as the original controller, but with the extra advantages of back buttons and modified mechanical buttons, among other enhancements. In this section, we will focus on reviewing the modded components rather than the default functions of the controller.

Our button is upgraded to “Mechanical Face Buttons” where in the stock rubber trigger was replaced with their own plastic switch resulting in a faster input and response time. As we put it to the test, we observed a considerable enhancement in the button’s tactile feedback and overall responsiveness. The mechanical face buttons offered a more satisfying click, leading to quicker and more accurate inputs during gameplay. This upgrade can be especially advantageous for competitive players seeking reduced travel time when pressing the buttons.

The main feature of this controller is its back button, which has three important components: the left and right buttons, the mod button, and the LED menu indicator at the top. In our initial tests with the controller, customizing the macros was a bit confusing, as it’s done by pressing buttons and interpreting the LED light status. There’s no software interface to assist with this process, so it requires reading the documentation to understand how to use it properly.

The MegaModz Back button offers five sub-modes to choose from. The first is a simple macro remap, which allows you to assign either the left or right back button to any stock button on the controller. However, you can only remap a single button press, so assigning multiple stock buttons is not possible. For instance, you can remap the left back button to L1, but a combination like L1 + L2 cannot be assigned.

The 2nd sub-mode is the Turbo Function, which is similar to the simple remap but with an added a triggering feature when holding down one of the back buttons. This function enables you to repeatedly activate the remapped stock button just by holding down the back button. This is particularly useful for FPS games that require multiple triggering, such as firing burst guns and the like.

The 3rd and 4th sub-modes are Double Tap and Triple Tap, respectively. These modes enable you to use the back button to trigger two or three consecutive presses of your chosen stock button. This feature is useful in FPS games for weapons like the AK and similar firearms that benefit from rapid, successive button presses.

The 5th and last sub-mode are the Continuous press. It is somehow similar to the 2nd sub-mode, but this one does not require you to hold on the back button for amount of time.

All of these modes can be configured with default timings, as outlined in the documentation. Although it might be a bit challenging to understand all the configurations at first, you’ll eventually get the hang of it. We plan to create a separate article detailing all the possible configurations for this controller, which should provide further guidance and assistance.

Final Thought

Overall, the MegaModz modded PS5 controller is a fantastic option for those looking to upgrade their gaming controller and gain an edge in their favorite games. With its premium design and innovative features, it’s a solid investment that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. However, the initial setup and customization might require some effort to understand for its back button.

Regarding the price, the total cost of all the modded features on our controller is around $249. If you’re only interested in the skin, the price is quite affordable. For those who want the best mod configuration, the $249 price tag is justified given the features you receive. A comparable product, the DualSense Edge, costs around $199 but has nearly the same features. It’s worth noting that a modded controller for the DualSense Edge with custom skin design may also become available in the future.

Level Up Your PS5 DualSense Controller

Look and Feel - 90%
Features - 90%
Pricing - 75%

Overall Score


Overall, the MegaModz modded PS5 controller is a fantastic option for those looking to upgrade their gaming controller and gain an edge in their favorite games. With its premium design and innovative features, it's a solid investment that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. While the initial setup and customization might require some effort to understand, the controller's enhanced performance and flexibility offers great benefit.

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