Maya Digital Bank Joins Forces with Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Exclusive Game Hero Cards Now Available!

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In a surprising crossover, Maya, the popular all-in-one digital banking app in the Philippines, has teamed up with the fan-favorite MOBA mobile game, Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB). With this unprecedented partnership, Maya users now have the opportunity to collect exclusive debit cards featuring cherished heroes from MLBB, like Miya, Nana, and Zilong.

For the big fans of MLBB, this collaboration offers a unique way to carry their gaming passion into everyday life. The exclusive MLBB card can be ordered via the official Maya app for a nominal fee of PHP 350. Furthermore, in a truly personal touch, Maya is offering the option for users to print their Maya usernames on the card, fostering an enhanced sense of identity and connection with their favorite game.

GamingPH was fortunate to receive a special kit from Maya this week, which included this much-anticipated MLBB card. We extend our sincere gratitude to the Maya team for this generous gesture. The kit arrived in a stunning box, reminiscent of a trophy in the game, adding a further touch of glamour to the unboxing experience.

The kit included not just the MLBB card, but also an impressive black Maya Jacket, a comfortable travel pillow, and, of course, the game trophy-like box.

For all the MLBB fans out there, this is the perfect chance to add a new, exclusive piece to your collection. Remember, this is not just about owning a debit card. It’s about carrying a piece of your favorite game with you, everywhere you go.

It’s an exciting time to be a Maya user and an MLBB fan. So, do not miss out! Order your exclusive MLBB card through the Maya app now or go to their official Maya X MLBB website at

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