How will Saitama, the invincible hero, be portrayed in “Chronicles”?

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  • “Saitama” appears in cutscenes, and as an NPC and outfit concept instead of as a Monster, to maintain game balance.
  • Acclaimed by players across the world for its accurate representation of the style and settings of the original anime in the “Chronicles” world.

The collaboration between Com2uS’ (CEO Joohwan Lee) summon RPG “Summoners War: Chronicles (hereinafter Chronicles)” and the global IP “One Punch Man” has been highly acclaimed by players across the world. In particular, the invincible hero, Saitama, does not appear as a Monster, accurately depicting both IPs.

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Prior to the update, fans were eager to find out how “Saitama”, the strongest hero, would be implemented in the game. In the original series, “Saitama” defeats all his enemies with a single punch and is impervious to any harm, no matter how powerful the attack.

“Saitama” does not feature in “Chronicles” as a Monster or creature to accurately represent his ability, and satisfy fans of both IPs.

Firstly, players can meet Saitama in the cutscene of the new collaboration dungeon, “Evolution of Ascension”. You can experience the thrilling action of the original anime from the cutscene shown after defeating the boss “Carnage Kabuto”, and also witness Saitama’s power.

After clearing the Evolution of Ascension, players can talk to Saitama in Casslan. Saitama asks if they want to have udon, just like in the anime. Furthermore, a Saitama costume was added to Cleaf’s outfit collection, which changes Cleaf into Saitama’s appearance.

Other main characters such as “Genos”, “Garou”, “Terrible Tornado”, and “Hellish Blizzard” appear in the game as Monsters. Each character uses skills inspired by actual abilities and powers from the original anime, and “King” will be the first “Chronicles” Monster without attack skills to reflect his characteristics from the original anime.

Much effort was made to accurately depict the characteristics and features of each character. “Terrible Tornado” utilizes objects in the “Chronicles universe”, such as rocks and temple pillars, just as how she used concrete debris to attack the enemy in the anime. “Mumen Rider’s” bike, Bicycle of Justice, is also available as one of his skills.

Fans were thrilled by the flawless implementation of One Punch Man characters in “Chronicles”. “Chronicles” climbed the global charts in just a day after the global collaboration update on the 27th, reaching number 5 on the global best-sellers chart on Steam. The game became the best-selling Steam game in France, Belgium, and Thailand as soon as the update was released, and shot to the top-end of the charts in App Stores of various regions.

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