Wild Rift League-Asia Ignites Mobile Esports Scene: Top Teams Compete for Regional Supremacy

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Three teams from the Philippines in Prestigious Wild Rift League-Asia

League of Legends: Wild Rift, the mobile adaptation of the renowned MOBA game, is solidifying its esports presence in Asia with the launch of Riot Games’ Wild Rift League-Asia. This premier event will unite top teams from two regional leagues, WRL CN and WRL APAC, as they compete for the esteemed title of the top Wild Rift team in Asia. Under the brand vision of “Linking young mobile eSports enthusiasts in Asia Event,” the Wild Rift League-Asia aims to offer a thrilling competitive stage and a platform for cultural exchange, fostering camaraderie among the region’s aspiring players.

The WRL CN consists of 12 fixed teams, showcasing the top talent in China’s mobile esports scene. These teams have earned their spots through rigorous competition and display exceptional skill and teamwork. Meanwhile, the WRL APAC Open Qualifier, held from February to March, featured eight teams chosen from a pool of 40 hailing from SEA, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Additionally, one South Korean team also received a direct invitation, adding to the diversity and caliber of the participating teams.

In the Philippines, 16 teams battled for a spot in the Wild Rift League-Asia. Pasay City Nigma Galaxy, led by the talented quintet of Sean “Hide” Baguino, Justine Ritchie “Juschie” Tan, Aaron “Aaron” Bingay, Golden Hart “Demonkite” Dajao, and Reniel “Dr4w” Angara, clinched the first place. Manila FENNEL Adversity, comprising Ken “RyuKen” Flores, Robert “Trebor” Mansilungan, Aden “Aker” Baranda, John “Dani” Bulanadi, and Miguel “Arisen” Pison, secured the second spot. The two teams earns their privilege to represent the country in the prestigious league.

Alongside Nigma Galaxy and FENNEL Adversity, Manila NAOS Esports will also represent the Philippines in the Wild Rift League-Asia. As they are the winners of the WRL APAC Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ), NAOS Esports seized their final opportunity to secure a spot in the competition. The team, consisting of Carl Jioseppe “Calm” Lacsam, Paul Kenyon “Zaopi” Zagado, Miguel Adrielle “Mitsura” Gavin, Neil Harold “Mirmoooo” Gabriel, and Raphael Alfonso “Rafe” Umali.

We look forward to the performance of these three teams in the competition, and we also hope that this event will bring exciting matchups for the audience, and better reflect the core principle of Wild Rift League-Asia, which is to unite young Asians through their shared passion for esports and promoting cultural exchange, which resonates with the audience in the region. As the competition progresses, fans eagerly anticipate the crowning of a new champion and the continued expansion of the mobile esports scene, while also promoting connections between young people in the New Asia and understanding of Asian cultures.

You can check on the update through Wild Rift Esports Official Website: https://wildriftesports.com/en-ph

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