Trading Guide in Ragnarok Origin: Buying Out of Stock Item, and Selling

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Ragnarok Origin (ROO) features a dynamic trading system that allows players to exchange goods and purchase items without grinding them in the wild or waiting for items needed immediately. Known as the exchange center, this system is one of the key elements in every Ragnarok game. In ROO, certain limitations and strategies apply when trading, and understanding these nuances is crucial for success.

In this article, we will guide you in the trading system, daily stock limitations, tips for buying out-of-stock items, and the selling process in ROO.


Ragnarok Origin simplifies the selling process, eliminating the need to wait for other players to purchase the items. Instead, the game automatically buys the item at 90% of its original value.

For example, if an item’s original value is 4,299 Zeny, the game will purchase it for 3,869 Zeny.

Limited Stock

In Ragnarok Origin’s trading system, essential items such as Cards and Head Accessories are in high demand among players, causing these items to go out of stock quickly.

While the game automatically purchases items from players, these items are not automatically being sold in the trade market, instead it will be scheduled for sale the following day. This process is one of the reasons why most stocks being out of stock.

The good news is, this eliminate the possibility of players engaging in ghost trading, where items are exchanged for real money.

How to Buy Out of Stock Item in Trade?

Purchasing out-of-stock items in ROO can be simple yet tricky, as timing and luck play significant roles. To secure in-demand items, players must act quickly. This requires snapping up the item as soon as possible, competing with other players for a successful purchase.

Every day at 1:00 PM (Manila, Philippine Time GMT+8), items begin to replenish. Five minutes later, at 1:05 PM (Manila, Philippine Time GMT+8), the newly replenished items become available for sale, there will be a counted of 5 minutes above the Buy button that says, “Refreshing Inventory 00:05:00”. To secure these items, players must be among the first individuals to make a purchase, or else the items will go out of stock.

A useful trick is to repeatedly click or “spam” the Buy button for the desired item at exactly 1:05 PM (Manila Philippine Time). Success ultimately depends on luck and whether the player is fast enough to secure the item.

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