Pet Guide: Summon Tips and Character Permanent Stats in Ragnarok Origin (ROO)

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Ragnarok Origin (ROO) introduces a unique feature that allows players to summon and train pets to assist them in their adventure. These pets are monsters found in Midgard that can be summoned through a gacha-like system. In this guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know about pet summoning, training, and promotion in Ragnarok Origin.

Take aways

Here are some important take aways from Pet system in Ragnarok Origin:

  • 60/120 Summon guarantee for A and S pet respectively.
  • Common Summon has a total of 25.4% chance to get A pet.
  • Legendary Summon has only 1% of getting S pet.
  • Pet training increases stats.
  • Pet Promotion increases character stats permanently (non-f2p friendly).

How to Summon a Pet with Rate Chances

To summon a pet, players need to open the Pet menu found on the right navigational button at the right corner of the screen. You will need a Pet Coupon and Super Pet Coupon to summon a pet. The Pet Coupon can be used for normal summons, while the Super Pet Coupon is reserved for Legendary summons. You can get more pet coupon at our listed Redeem Code.

ROO also has a pity system in placed where players can get a guaranteed high rarity pet when they reach a certain number of summons.

  • 60 Common summon, guaranteed an A rarity pet
  • 120 Legendary summon, guaranteed an S rarity pet.

Since the pet summoning system is based on RNG, players should take note of the exact rate chances for every summon they roll.

For Common Summon:

  • Wishlist A Pet – 3.01%
  • A Pet – 22.3%
  • B or C Pet – 33.45% 
  • 2 to 3 S pet Shard – 12.25%
  • 3 to 4 A pet Shard – 14.5%
  • 4 to 5 B or C pet Shard – 14.49%

For Legendary Summon:

  • Wishlist S Pet – 1%
  • Wishlist A Pet – 2.95%
  • A Pet – 21.33%
  • B Pet – 32.03%
  • 1 to 3 S Pet Shard – 14.95% 
  • 3 to 4 A Pet Shard – 13.86%
  • 4 to 5 B or C Pet Shard – 13.88%

That Wishlist A or S Pet you are seeing is the additional rate chance increased when summoning your pet. You can do that by putting the pet you want in the Wish list.

This will give you 3.0% additional chances for A pet in Common Summon and a total of 1% for S pet and 3% for A Pet in Legendary summon.

Pet Stats and Training Your Pet to Increase Pet Stats

In Ragnarok Origin, pets contribute to your overall Divine Power points, and their stats are for them only – except for pet skill (later part about this). Each pet has unique detailed stats that show their capabilities in combat. Players can train their pets using the Spirit Dew material to increase their stats, including STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX, and LUK.

To make the most out of pet training, players should keep in mind the stats that affect their pet’s detailed stats. These include STR, AGI, INT, LUK, and DEX. Players can obtain more Spirit Dew by participating in the Alfheim instance.

To make the most out of pet training, it is essential to align your pet’s stats with their detailed stats to maximize their effectiveness in combat. While training stats is a completely random process, players should focus on the stats that directly affect their pet’s detailed stats to prevent the training from going to waste. (Note: Keeping the highest rating are still important)

  • STR: Increases Physical Damage and HP Recovery
  • AGI: Boosts Attack Speed (ASPD) and FLEE
  • INT: Enhances SP Recovery
  • LUK: Improves Critical Rate (CRIT) and Critical Damage (CRIT DMG)
  • DEX: Increases Hit Rate

Moreover, to obtain more Spirit Dew, players must participate in the Alfheim instance. This activity provides an excellent opportunity to acquire more Spirit Dew and improve your pet’s stats.

Pet Promotion: Unlocking New Skills and Permanent Stats for Character

Even if players already own a pet when summoning, they can still use it to promote their other pets and unlock new Tier skills using its Shards. Each pet has ten different Tier pet skills that vary from pet to pet. Unlocking these new Tier Skills will also increase your pet’s stat. It will also increase your character’s stats permanently, even if the pet is not deployed.

This feature sounds like it’s not a free-to-play friendly feature. This means that players who spend more will have a significant advantage as their character’s stats will permanently increase by just collecting pet and unlocking all of the skill tiers.

There are several additional skills for pet in every tier that is good even if you are using a low tier pet like B and C. This will depends on the situation and enemies you are facing.

That’s it for now guys.

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