One-Punch Man Joins Forces with Summoners War: Chronicles

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The popular summon MMORPG, “Summoners War: Chronicles” (referred to as “Chronicles”), has announced an exciting collaboration with the globally renowned anime, “One-Punch Man,” stirring up anticipation from fans around the world. Com2uS, the game’s developer, promises a thrilling update that showcases the strengths of both franchises while offering various events and rewards for players.

“One-Punch Man” follows the story of Saitama, a superhero who defeats his opponents with a single punch, and a host of other fascinating characters. With its unique premise, engaging storyline, and a blend of seriousness and humor, the anime has gained immense popularity in Japan and western regions, including North America, since its first season premiered in 2015.

The collaboration introduces eight major “One-Punch Man” characters as Monsters in “Chronicles,” each featuring their signature techniques from the anime. Among them are fire-type Monsters Genos and Atomic Samurai, water-type Monsters Garou and Silverfang, wind-type Monsters Terrible Tornado and Hellish Blizzard, dark-type Monster King, and light-type Monster Mumen Rider.

Players will have the chance to accumulate summon mileage and acquire an “Elite Selection Scroll,” allowing them to obtain the collaboration’s natural 5-star Monsters more easily. Although Saitama is not a playable Monster, fans can expect to encounter him in various forms, such as NPC and dungeon quest cutscenes.

The collaboration also introduces a new dungeon, “Evolution of Ascension,” where players can face Carnage Kabuto from “One Punch Man” as the final boss and receive generous rewards upon defeating it. The promotional video for this collaboration has already generated an enthusiastic response from fans, who are excited about the seamless integration of the “One-Punch Man” characters into the game.

To further enhance the collaboration experience, Com2uS is hosting various events, such as daily missions, Guild Raid participations, and attendance events, where players can earn rewards by logging in. The “Justice Enforcement! Path of Growth” event also offers additional rewards, including Restoration Stones, Rainbowmons, and Breath of Life, for clearing the Path of Growth.

Com2uS officials are confident that the collaboration between “Chronicles” and “One Punch Man” will create global synergy and solidify the success of “Chronicles” worldwide. For more details on the “Chronicles X One Punch Man” collaboration and update, please visit the “Chronicles” official forum ( and fan page (

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