MVP Hunting Guide in Ragnarok Origin: Essential Tips for Rewards and Ranking

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Ragnarok Origin (ROO) is the latest addition to the ever-growing Ragnarok Online titles, bringing with it new mechanics, features, and challenges. One of the most coveted activities in any Ragnarok game is MVP hunting, where adventurers join forces to take down powerful boss monsters. This guide will walk you through the essentials of MVP hunting in Ragnarok Origin, helping you optimize your daily grind and maximize your rewards.

Take aways

Here are some important take aways from this article:

  • Participate 5 times a day to get MVP Rewards
  • You don’t need to be alive to get MVP Rewards
  • DMG dealt, DMG taken, and Healing is a score factor for MVP ranking
  • First and Final hit will increase your score for MVP ranking
  • Death reduces score for MVP Ranking

Understanding MVP Hunting Mechanics in Ragnarok Origin

In Ragnarok Origin, you can easily track the spawn times of MVP bosses, eliminating the need for guesswork or tedious waiting.

The game also provides a wealth of boss tips, ensuring that you are well-prepared for each encounter.

Basically, you must go to the MVP location when they will appear on the map and hit the boss to get a reward. Doing so will give you rewards and those who reach the top will get additional bonus rewards.

The Importance of Daily MVP Hunting

Participating in MVP hunting is a crucial part of the daily grind in Ragnarok Origin and you can do it 3 times a day. By doing so, you can obtain valuable rewards such as Diamonds, Fragment cards, and crafting materials, all of which are essential for character progression making your character don’t left behind with other F2P players.

MVP hunting rewards are distributed in three categories (Refresh every 6AM – Manila, Philippine Time):

  1. Team Reward and Participation Reward (5 times)
  2. Final Reward (3 times)

Even if you don’t have the resources to deal massive amounts of damage, you can still earn rewards by participating in MVP hunting. All members of participating teams have a chance to obtain rare items, such as cards and headgear.

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to be alive during MVP hunting to receive rewards. Simply being in the “dead spot” where the MVP is, will allow you to collect rewards.

Here are the rewards mechanics:

  • Top 1 ranking party receives the best party rewards.
  • All top 10 parties will have a chance to get rare rewards (Cards and Headgear). The higher the ranking, the higher the chances.

Ragnarok Origin also features an instant revive mechanic, enabling you to quickly return to the battle up to five times without having to travel back to a distant spawn location.

Ranking Rules and Strategies for Top Teams

While the ranking rules may not apply to all players, they are essential for top-tier teams aiming to achieve the highest damage output.

The rules you need to consider for reaching top ranks include:

  1. MVP defeat: Teams are ranked based on damage dealt, damage taken, and healing. Points are awarded for each category.
  2. First strikes and final blows: Adventurers who land the first and final hits on the MVP receive bonus points.
  3. Death: Points are slightly deducted from your total score each time you die.

The point system is calculated as follows: Team Total Score = Sum of the Three Categories (Damage Dealt, Damage Taken, and Healing) + First Strike Points – Death Deduction

Here are the scores for each instance:

  • Team that deals most damage (Best DPS) – 40 points (Score decreases as the ranking gets lower)
  • Team that takes most damage (Best Tank) – 20 points (Score decreases as the ranking gets lower)
  • Team that heals most score (Best Heal) – 15 points (Score decreases as the ranking gets lower)
  • Team deals the First Strike – 4 points
  • Team deals the Final Blow – 8 points
  • Death – Death will deduct a small amount points, up to 5 points.

The final ranking is determined by each team’s total score. The higher your team’s ranking, the greater the chance of obtaining valuable cards and headgear.

Note: If a team member has already received Team rewards five times, their total score will be reduced when calculating the final ranking after the MVP is eliminated:

  • 1 member – down to 85%
  • 2 members – down to 70%
  • 3 members – down to 50%
  • 4 members – down to 20%
  • 5 members – down to 10%

MVP hunting is an integral part of Ragnarok Origin’s gameplay, offering players the opportunity to acquire valuable resources for character progression. By understanding the mechanics, participating in daily MVP hunts, and mastering the ranking rules, you can optimize your rewards and enhance your overall gaming experience. Happy hunting!

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