Launch Event Guide: Ragnarok Origin (ROO) is now available to Download!

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Ragnarok Origin (ROO) has officially arrived, with the game now available for download and servers scheduled to go live at 11:00 AM (Manila, Philippine Time). As players familiarize themselves with the game’s mechanics and features on day one, they might find themselves searching for information about the events during the initial launch.

In response to this need, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide detailing the various events that are part of Ragnarok Origin’s official launch, ensuring that both new and experienced adventurers are well-equipped to fully enjoy their gaming experience.

Claim your Pre-Registration Rewards

After nearly a month of anticipation, the pre-registration period for Ragnarok Origin has concluded, and many eager players have already signed up. If you’re among those who have pre-registered, don’t forget to claim your welcome gift.

As the game has reached an impressive milestone of 10 million pre-registrations, you can expect to receive an array of rewards that you expected, below are the list of rewards you can get:

  • Title: Midgardian
  • 100 x Diamond
  • 200 x Diamond
  • 5 x Pet Coupon
  • 300 x Diamond
  • 5 x Pet Coupon
  • Floral Portrait Frame
  • Floral Hair Band

There are also free gifts for everyone, the Anchor Aweigh Title and Poring Banner (Back).

Welcome Carnival

Upon reaching lv.24 in the game, players will be eligible to receive an event material called “Dice,” which can be obtained by participating in event missions.

This dice can be used to play a mini-event game. By rolling the dice, your poring will move, giving you a chance to win various prizes such as the following:

  • 500 x Diamond
  • 1 x Limited Carnival Card Binder
  • 1 x Poring Turban
  • 1 x Kitty Cat Mask
  • 1 x Manager Uniform

Outfit Gacha

When reaching lv.24, you will also be able to unlock a Gacha event where you can get a chance to win prizes such as:

  • Plum Googles
  • Plum Swim Ring
  • Plum Soda
  • Spray Pew-Pew

By rolling to the Outfit Gacha, you will be able to earn event scores and it can be used to redeem more outfits.

New Passes

Adventurer can also avail different passes in Ragnarok Origin that will contain several rewards, there are Free Pass, Special Pass and the Ace Special Pass.

Welcome Events

And here are the several events that you can utilized during the launched date of ROO.

Valkyrie’s Favor

Start: April 6 @10:00AM
End: April 21 @4:59AM
Adventurer can revive from the wild for FREE.
Battle Buffet

Start: April 6 @10:00AM
End: April 21 @4:59AM
Adventurers will be able to loot ROO Steaks and ROO Puddings.
Card Rate-Up

Start: April 6 @10:00AM
End: April 13 @4:59AM
There will be a 2x card drop chances when eliminating and looting from the monsters.
Operation Union

Start: April 6 @10:00AM
End: April 13 @4:59AM
Help other adventurer in the game and you will get an extra rewards “Proofs of Union!”
Poring Bank

Start: April 6 @10:00AM
End: April 19 @4:50AM
Accumulating in-game time will earn you a diamond cheat from the Poring Bank.
Deviruchi’s Offer

Start: April 13 @5:00AM
End: April 20 @4:59AM
Adventurers will receive additional Deviruchi Vouchers every day, significantly increasing your odds of obtaining demon treasures/

Nyan Berry Raffles

From April 6 @10:00AM up to April 13 @19:00PM, adventurer can take part in the monthly Nyan Berry raffle event by visiting our Discord tavern. Adventurers with veteran roles or higher will get additional chances to roll!

Here are the rewards that you can get:

Launch Gifts

Receive various gift codes from the official Discord and Facebook page. We also set a dedicated article for the most updated codes so you can check from time to time.

Growth Fund

Get the Growth Fund, which will grant you a great number of rewards in return. Upon reaching the target level, you will receive a diamond rebate up to 1,000%.

Various Packs

Novice Gift, Kafra VIP Card, Nyan Lincenses, Weekly Nyan Pass and many more.

That’s it for now guys! See you at the Prontera-10 server!

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