It’s Official, SEAL-M To Be Released in May 2023!

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The widely popular MMORPG is set to welcome players on the 2nd week of May

APRIL 14, 2023 — The adventurous and whimsical classic MMORPG SEAL-M is finally coming to your screens this May 11, 2023. The game’s developer, PLAYWITH, is going all out with the return of the beloved game, equipping it with better graphics, thrilling gameplay and an upgraded Hit skill.

Get ready to be hooked and mesmerized while exploring the wonderful world of Shiltz with old friends and new gaming buddies alike. With SEAL-M topping the Apple App Store charts in both popularity and sales when it was first released in Taiwan last year, and with over 200,000 registrants during its pre-registration event, SEAL-M continues to prove its dominance in the gaming scene.

Gamers can still pre-register here ( until April 30, 2023 for a chance to win exciting prizes such as an Apple iPad, AirPods, and $100 worth of in-game items. To qualify for the prizes, players should complete four missions to get 100 entry points.

  1. Pre-register SEAL-M SEA – 50 entries
  2. Follow SEAL-M SEA on Facebook – 20 entries
  3. Visit PLAYWITH SEA on YouTube – 20 entries
  4. Enter SEAL-M SEA Discord – 10 entries

In addition to that, players can join ‘SEAL Talk’ and connect with avid gamers from anywhere in the world. This community is every gamers’ safe space to let out their unique personalities, explore various combat elements when it comes to dungeon battles, and discuss skills and equipment upgrades.

SEAL-M levels up its gaming experience with its couple system, adorable pets, unique costumes, and enhanced gameplay. The game is also bringing back its iconic whimsical monsters like Afro Tree and Rascal Rabbit.

For more information about SEAL M itself please visit its official website, social media page and YouTube channel:

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