In-Game Currency Guide in Ragnarok Origin: Where to Get, Usage and Tips

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Welcome to our in-depth guide on the diverse in-game currency system of Ragnarok Origin (ROO). Like any thriving MMORPG world, ROO’s economy is driven by various forms of currency, which play a vital role in enhancing gaming experience for everyone.

In this article, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of each currency’s purpose, where to get it, and efficient usage strategies, so you can make the most out of your time in the enchanting world of ROO.

Nyan Berry

Nyan Berry is a premium in-game currency that primarily comes from topping up with real money. While you can obtain Nyan Berries for FREE as rewards from various events, the quantity is typically limited. This currency allows you to purchase a range of items from the Nyan Berry Shop.

For those who seek Nyan Berries but wish to minimize spending, consider acquiring the Weekly Nyan Pass and Nyan License Pass. These passes provide a daily supply of Nyan Berries, helping you make steady progress in the game. If you have more budget, you can also get the Daily Pack.

To optimize your in-game advancement, it’s wise to use Nyan Berries for purchasing Gold Valkyrie Feathers at the Nyan Berry Shop. These Feathers are rare to get in PvE and this will jack up your Divine Power.

You can also get Nyan berry for FREE if you have a Guild that has a lot of high spender, you can get this at the Guild Bonus.


Diamond is a more accessible currency for free-to-play gamers, which can be earned by grinding in activities such as MVP Boss hunts, Alfheim, and various events. You can primarily use Diamonds to purchase progress materials at the Diamond Exchange Shop, similar to the Nyan Berry currency.

By participating in the daily grind for 5 x MVP, you can obtain up to 100 Diamonds per day. Additionally, Diamonds can be earned by completing floors in Alfheim and Demon Treasure, as well as through other events and quests in the game. For those willing to invest real money, the Growth Fund is an efficient option.

To make the most of your Diamonds, consider using them to purchase progress materials akin to those available with Nyan Berry. Refinement materials, Bloody Branch, and other items can be acquired at the Diamond Shop, further enhancing your gameplay and overall progress. You can also use the Diamond to purchase Auto-Fishing book for draining your Stamina.

The conversion between Nyan Berry to Diamond is 1 to 1.


Zeny holds a critical role in the Ragnarok Origin economy as the primary currency used to buy and sell items within the Exchange Center. It serves as the main economic driver, facilitating the flow of resources and ensuring the stability of the in-game market.

There are numerous methods for obtaining Zeny in the game, with daily events providing ample opportunities. One of the most lucrative ways to accumulate Zeny is through Guild Bonuses, where you can earn between 10,000 and 30,000 Zeny based on your guild’s activities.

To make the most of your Zeny, focus on purchasing essential items at the Exchange Center. These items may include cards, refinement materials, card socket stones, and other materials required for swift crafting. By strategically investing your Zeny in these valuable resources, you can accelerate your progress and enhance your gameplay experience in Ragnarok Origin.

Eden Coin

Eden Coin serves as the utility currency in Ragnarok Origin, primarily used for covering fees associated with various in-game activities. Examples of these activities include equipment refinement, enhancement, and purchasing items from NPC stores. You can obtain Eden Coins through numerous activities within the game.

While it’s possible to accumulate millions of Eden Coins, exercise caution with your spending, as the fees for higher-level progressions can be quite expensive. It’s essential to manage your Eden Coins wisely to ensure that you have enough for crucial transactions and to maintain a steady rate of progress in the game.


While not technically an in-game currency, these tokens function like tickets that can be used to exchange for specific items in Ragnarok Origin. These tokens are typically obtained from certain events within the game.

Guild Contribution
(Guild Vending Machine)
You can get this by participating in the Guild events and redeem special cards, coupons, enhancement materials and many more.
Proof of Union
(Union Shop)
You can get this by helping on your alt account, new players and returning players. The daily limit of Proof of Union in battle is 500, and in Guild Contribution is 100. The weekly limit is 2,500.

You can use this to get special cards, Lucky Candy, headgear blueprints and many more.
Poring Coin
(Pet Shop)
You can get 1pc of this by summoning pet. It can be exchange for new pet not included in the Summoning and other pet materials.
Emblem of Courage
(Courage Shop)
You can get this by participating in the Arena (Wednesday) and The Guild League (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday). You can exchange this for Special card, headgear blueprint, Mora Coin and many more.
Unidentified Metal
(Unidentified Metal Shop)
You can get this as a drop from MVP and Mini. You can use this to exchange for Refine materials.
Academy Token
(Academy Store)
You can get this by mentoring or being a student at the academy from other adventurers. You can exchange this item for special cards, gacha ticket, coupon, costume and many more.
Illusion Card FragmentYou can get this as a drop from MVP and Mini. You can collect this fragment to craft an MVP card. 2,500 pcs of this are needed to craft.
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