How to Transfer Refine Equipment in Ragnarok Origin (ROO Guide)

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As you progress in Ragnarok Origin (ROO), you’ll inevitably reach a point where your once-valuable equipment becomes outdated and inadequate for your character’s current level. You may have spent considerable resources maxing out the refine level of your older equipment to +5 or reaching the maximum refine cap. So, when you acquire new gear, it’s natural to wonder whether it’s possible to transfer that hard-earned refine level to your latest acquisitions. Fortunately, this process is not only possible but also relatively simple.

In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to transfer refinement in Ragnarok Origin.

Step 1: Talk to Equipment Assistant

To transfer the refine level of your equipment, first locate the NPC Equipment Assistant or Equipment Master at the Equipment Shop. This NPC can be found in the vicinity of Hollgrehenn “Refine NPC”. You need to talk to the NPC to open up the Refine Transfer window.

Step 2: Select Your Old Equipment

In the Equipment Transfer window, first choose the item with the refine level you’d like to transfer. This should be the older, lower-level equipment that you’re looking to replace.

Step 3: Choose Your New Equipment

Next, select the new equipment to which you’d like to transfer the refine level. This should be a higher-level item that you’ve recently obtained and wish to put the refine level.

Step 4: Complete the Transfer

With both your old and new equipment selected, simply click the “Transfer” button to initiate the process. You’ll need to pay a fee in Eden Coins to complete the refine transfer.

Important Notes:

Please be aware that refine levels can only be transferred between items of the same type. For example, transferring a weapon’s refine level to a piece of armor is not possible. Additionally, refinement cannot be transferred to lower-level equipment or to items with a lower refinement cap.

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