How to Gift Players in Ragnarok Origin: Affinity and Limitations (ROO Guide)

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Ragnarok Origin is a captivating realm where players collaborate on adventures, engage in battles, and form lasting friendships. Gifting, a key feature in the game, allows players to share items with their guildmates and friends, promoting a sense of camaraderie and making the gameplay experience even more enjoyable.

In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of gifting in Ragnarok Origin, focusing on the role of Affinity and the steps required to exchange items with your fellow adventurers.

Understanding Affinity

Before anything else, we need to understand first what Affinity is, and how it works. Affinity serves as a gauge of friendship between you and a fellow adventurer, meaning that each time you embark on an adventure together, both of your Affinity levels increase.

To gift items to another player, you must first establish a certain level of Affinity. This means that you cannot gift items to strangers immediately. To increase your Affinity, simply join a party with the desired adventurer and complete daily tasks such as monster annihilation, group instance dungeons like Helheim Disturbance, as well as Mini and MVP battles, and many more.

The more you bond and collaborate, the more Affinity points you and your fellow adventurer will accumulate.


Once you’ve accumulated enough Affinity with a particular adventurer, you’re ready to send them a gift. To do this, open their profile, and you’ll find a ‘Gift’ button.

There are three main categories of items you can gift: loot materials and cooking and emblem items. However, even if you have a high Affinity with another player, there is still a daily limit on the number of gifts you can send.

Some players use the gifting feature to exchange items, such as Jellopy, with other players. However, the most efficient and secure method for trading items is through the Trade’ Stall. We will explore this feature in greater detail in an seperate Ragnarok Origin Guide.

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