How to Add Ragnarok Origin on Steam Library (ROO Guide)

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Ragnarok Origin is a popular MMORPG mobile game that has its own launcher and available on PC. However, for players who prefer to have all their favorite games in one place, adding Ragnarok Origin to their Steam Library can be a great option especially running Steam on Big Picture Mode. While it may seem challenging to add a non-Steam game to your library, it’s actually quite easy.

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to add Ragnarok Origin to your Steam Library and make it look great.

Benefits of adding Ragnarok Origin to Steam Library

Before we begin, let’s discuss the benefits of adding Ragnarok Origin to your Steam Library. First, you can easily access the game through your favorite Steam game collection. Second, you can use the Steam F12 shortcut to take screenshots of the game. Third, you can use gamepad and controller (not yet tested).

Note: Keep in mind that you may still need to revisit the game launcher from time to time or once a week to check for an update.

Adding Ragnarok Origin to Steam Library

To add Ragnarok Origin to your Steam Library, first, open up Steam. Then at the upper left menu, go to Games > Add Non-Steam Game to My Library.

This will pop up the “Add a Game” window. Click on the “Browse” button to locate your Ragnarok Origin game installation. You need to open the folder GameLauncher/ROO_PC then find and select the ro.exe file. Lastly, make sure to click the Add Selected Programs button.

After that, Ragnarok Origin will be added to your game library. Find it on your Steam Library, and the initial name of it is “ro”. To rename the game, right-click on it and open up Properties.

Change its name to “Ragnarok Origin”.

After adding, the game page will look like a blank one. To make it look beautiful, we need to add some backgrounds and logos of the game. To do this, right-click on the blank header space on the game title, then click “Set Custom Logo” and “Set Custom Background”.

You can download the official logo and some nice background from ROGlobal Official website:

After adding the custom logos and background, the page should now look great. However, there are still two remaining things to edit: the custom artwork that will show in your Steam Library. To add these artworks, we need to run Ragnarok Origin first. Click the Play button and immediately close the game.

Next, go back to Steam and open up Steam Library, and find the “Recent Games” tab. The thumbnail used in the game will be blank.

Since, a specific picture dimension is needed, and it has to make it beautiful as the rest of your Steam Library. We have edited in photoshop the images we find from ROGlobal official website that you can use:

To add the horizontal artwork, right-click the game, then click “Manage”, then “Set Custom Artwork”, and find and apply the image.

The game thumbnail will now be beautiful with the horizontal artwork. However, there’s still one remaining thumbnail we need to change: the vertical artwork.

To show the vertical version of the game thumbnail, we need to run other games and close them again. The game thumbnail on the “Recent Games” tab will now be moved to the 2nd place. Here, we can now add the vertical artwork. Same as the horizontal artwork, right-click > Manage > Set Custom Artwork and select our vertical thumbnail.

Congratulations, your Ragnarok Origin is now on your Steam Library with beautiful artwork from the game. You can now enjoy launching the game on your Steam Library. Happy gaming!

That’s the guide for now guys!

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