Summoners War celebrates 9th Anniversary with Special Events! Claim Amazing Rewards Now!

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  • Summoners War will be running major events until Jun. 11th to express their gratitude to users worldwide
  • Users can participate in Summon Nat 5 Monster Event, Coin Shop Event with 9-Year Coins, and Special Chest Event
  • Summoners War revealed a video where Monsters thank Summoners and a special website that gives a 9OAT trophy and coupon

Com2uS (CEO Joohwan Lee) is holding major events including Nat 5 Monster Summon Event to celebrate the 9th anniversary of Summoners War: Sky Arena (hereinafter Summoners War).

Since its release in April 2014, Summoners War has been the leading franchise of Com2uS that gained popularity in both Eastern and Western countries for over 9 years and recorded more than 190 million downloads. It is currently ranked 1 in sales in 93 countries, reached the top 10 sales in 154 countries, and broke a new record for total sales by recording 3 trillion KRW and daily sales last year. Additionally, it collaborated with a major IP. It ran domestic and international tours to improve user interaction and continue its success in the global market.

To celebrate its 9th anniversary and express gratitude to its users who have supported them for a long time, Summoners War is running various events in multiple parts until Jun. 11th.

First, users can summon 9 Nat 5 Monsters and choose one among them according to their total 9-Year Coins in the Nat 5 Monster Summon Event. Users can also summon Nat 4 Fire/Wind/Water Monsters and Nat 3 Light/Dark Monsters whenever they collect 50 9-Year Coins.

Furthermore, 3 new scrolls (9-Year Transcendence Scroll, 9-Year Legendary Scroll, and 9-Year Special Scroll) have been added, and a Coin Shop Event that gives out up to 100 9-Year Special Scrolls is live. In this event, users can obtain rewards with coins, including 9-Year Special Scrolls, Legendary Scrolls, Devilmons, and L&D Scrolls. Various shops, such as a Rune Shop that sells Legend Runes and a Bonus Shop that sells unlimited Energy and Mana Stones are also available.

Lastly, a 9-Year Special Chest Event that gives out various rewards including the 9-Year Legendary Scroll according to points earned by clearing missions is live. Users can obtain Arena/World Arena Skin as a special reward for the 9th anniversary. Summoners War also revealed a special video dedicated to its users worldwide. In the video, Monsters

express their gratitude to Summoners in various parts of the world such as traditional Korean-style house, traditional Japanese-style tatami room, traditional Chinese-style house, the Southeastern sea, and forest. Especially, the scene of Fire/Wind/Water Monsters with 9-Year Special Scrolls saluting while walking in Central Park in the U.S. implies the 9th anniversary special events.

Com2uS revealed a special website that allows users to claim their 9OAT (Greatest of All Time) trophy, a special coupon that includes in-game currencies, and download special illustrations to make the 9th anniversary period more enjoyable.


More info on the 9th anniversary special events and special video can be found at the Summoners War official community:

The 9th Anniversary Celebration Website (

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