Sony PlayStation 5 is now selling at PHP 30,000

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After three years of being out of stock and overpriced due to scalpers, the Sony PlayStation 5 is finally available at the retail price in the Philippines. This is great news for gamers who have been eagerly waiting to get their hands on the highly sought-after console.

In January 2023, Sony announced that they were increasing the supply of PS5 consoles to meet the high demand. This news was met with excitement by gamers around the world who have been waiting for the chance to purchase the console at a reasonable price.

While the availability of the PlayStation 5 has improved, it is still challenging to find the console at the retail price. The retail price of the PlayStation 5 in the Philippines is PHP 30,790, but many online sellers still offer the console with expensive bundles, or at a higher price averaging PHP 33,000.

However, just today, an ad from Kimstore caught my attention on Facebook, announcing that they are now selling the PlayStation 5 for PHP 30,000. This is undoubtedly great news for everyone who has been struggling to find the console at the retail price.

The PS5 listing on their website is identified as a Japan Edition, so keep in mind that it may not cover any Sony’s warranty and more likely the launched model (CFI 1000 model). Nevertheless, this news is still a positive development for gamers as it may encourage other retailers to lower their prices or offer the console without unnecessary bundles.

GameXtreme, another online game retailer in the Philippines, is also selling their Sony PlayStation 5 (Disk Edition) at the exact retail price of PHP 30,790. DataBlitz also listed the standalone version at the same retail price, but it is currently out of stock. It’s great to see other retailers following suit and offering the console at a fair price without unnecessary bundles.

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