Snowbreak: Containment Zone – A Dazzling Sci-Fi RPG-Shooter Announces Pre-Registration and Unveils First Gameplay Preview

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Excitement is building for the highly anticipated sci-fi RPG-shooter, Snowbreak: Containment Zone, as developer Amazing Seasun unveils the first global gameplay preview and kicks off pre-registration on March 15 (GMT+8). With an official launch slated for later this year, fans can finally get a glimpse of the action-packed gaming experience that will be available on PC, iOS, and Android platforms.

Set in a near-future world ravaged by a mysterious disaster known as “The Descent,” Snowbreak: Containment Zone offers players an immersive 3D third-person shooter RPG experience, complete with cross-platform progress sharing. Featuring a unique blend of gunplay, character skills, and a gripping narrative, this game aims to deliver an unparalleled gaming journey.

Players will assume the role of an Adjustant in the Heimdall Force, humanity’s first anti-Titan armed force, tasked with returning to the polluted, snow-ridden Containment Zones. Alongside their team members, players will battle against the formidable Titans, uncover the truth behind the disaster, and protect what remains of humanity.

The recently released gameplay preview showcases a thrilling boss battle set against the chilling backdrop of a Containment Zone. As a trio of gun-wielding heroines unleash a barrage of attacks on the colossal boss, Ymir, the game’s stunning visuals and dynamic combat mechanics take center stage.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone is developed by the same team behind the wildly popular Girl Cafe Gun, known for its captivating anime-style gun-girl characters. However, this new title distinguishes itself with the use of Unreal Engine 4, which significantly enhances the game’s graphics, story, and character development. The game also boasts a more realistic and immersive over-shoulder perspective, as well as an upgraded combat system that seamlessly integrates shooting and skill-based gameplay.

As the global closed beta test is set to begin shortly, fans are encouraged to stay tuned to Snowbreak’s official website and social channels for the latest updates. Those who pre-register for the game now will also be entered into a Lucky Draw event, with a chance to win an iPhone 14 Pro 256G or Samsung S23 Ultra 256G.

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  • Snowbreak: Containment Zone, a highly anticipated sci-fi RPG-shooter, has unveiled its first gameplay preview and opened pre-registration ahead of its official launch later this year.
  • Developed by Amazing Seasun, the creators of Girl Cafe Gun, the game features an immersive 3D third-person shooter experience, a gripping narrative, and cross-platform progress sharing.
  • Pre-registering for the game now offers players a chance to win an iPhone 14 Pro 256G or Samsung S23 Ultra 256G in the Lucky Draw event.
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