Life by You Unveils its “Edit Everything” Features in a Live Announcement

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A couple of weeks ago, Paradox Tectonic unveiled its newest life simulation game, “Life by You.” Today, they provided further insight into the game’s features during a live announcement show. The team behind this game includes industry veterans, some of whom worked on The Sims series, and their goal is to deliver a unique, open-world experience for players.

In the live announcement, the team showcased various gameplay features, emphasizing the game’s focus on freedom and player creativity. “Life by You” allows users to modify nearly every aspect of the game world, including character, item, collectible, conversations, objects, quests, places, and many many more.

The game introduces an open-world concept without any loading screens, enabling players to switch between characters seamlessly and even take control of non-player characters to explore their lives. To facilitate exploration, the game offers multiple transportation options such as cars, skateboards, motorbikes, jogging, and cycling.

The live event also highlighted the game’s building tools, which let players create and edit almost everything in the game, customize neighborhoods, and even relocate workplaces. The innovative conversation system, featuring thousands of unique lines of dialogue and countless choices, results in branching storytelling.

Designed to be highly moddable, “Life by You” includes a conversation creator for players to write their own dialogue and share it with the community. Additionally, the object editor allows players to modify any in-game object, adding or altering functionality as desired.

During the live showcase, the team demonstrated how easy it is to edit an object and assign a specific function to it, such as turning a tree into a toilet.

Paradox Tectonic is committed to providing more creator tools like a model editor and will reveal additional information about these features in the coming months. The developers are excited to witness the creativity unleashed by the game’s community, and “Life by You” promises to deliver a groundbreaking gaming experience that empowers players to express themselves in an open and immersive world.

You can check the live announcement below:

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