Embarks on an Epic MMORPG Adventure, Summoners War Chronicles: Pre-register Now Opens

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Com2uS, the developer behind the global sensation Summoners War: Sky Arena, has announced the pre-registration for their highly anticipated MMORPG, Summoners War: Chronicles. The pre-registration is currently open globally, except in Korea and North America, where the game has already been released.

Players who participate in the pre-registration will receive a variety of rewards, including a 4-star Selection Ticket (Water, Fire, Wind), 300 Rahil Orders, a New Semester School Uniform Set, a New Guard Hair Accessory, and 25 Low Instant Recovery Potions and Soups. In addition, players who pre-register via Google Play will receive a “Special Ride – Spring Blossom Rabbit” as a gift.

Those who are interest, can now pre-register to the game at https://d.gaming.ph/ozaWFH

Summoners War: Chronicles is the first MMORPG developed based on the Summoners War IP, which has already amassed over 170 million downloads worldwide in its 8 years of service. The game has received praise for its successful transition to an MMORPG, with key features such as Monster collection and strategic deck building from Summoners War being implemented in the game.

The game has also been enhanced with new gameplay mechanics that require users to use different attributes and Monsters in appropriate situations to win battles. User convenience and accessibility have been improved, with the game being playable on various devices, including mobile and PC, and accessible through a wide range of channels, such as Google Play, App Store, Hive Crossplay, Google Play Games, and Steam.

Summoners War: Chronicles also features refined manual play controls, enabling more realistic gameplay, and provides quality MMORPG content on PC with precise keyboard controls and stunning graphics. The game will support over 10 languages, making all of its features accessible to as many global users as possible.

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience this highly acclaimed MMORPG. Join the pre-registration now and claim your rewards before the official release of Summoners War: Chronicles.

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