The Mysterious Announcement of NetEase Games: Decoded (Spliced Inc Studio)

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NetEase Games, the well-known game developer, has recently made an announcement that has sparked the curiosity of many gamers. The announcement was delivered in a cryptic manner, using hex code that had to be deciphered to be read. Many speculated that it could be the comeback of the Battle Royale game Rules of Survival, but the decipher message revealed otherwise.

Here is the code NetEase has posted:

“57652063616e206f6e6c7920 686f6c642074686520636f6e6 4756974206174207777772e6 e65746561736567616d65732 e636f6d206f70656e20666f722 0612073686f72742074696d65 2c206275742063616e206765 7420616e20696e697469616c 206d65737361676520746872 6f756768206f6e20332046656 22e20426520726561647920 2d2066757475726520747 2616e736d697373696f6e2063 6f6e646974696f6e73206172 6520756e63 65727461696e2e”

The hex message, when translated into plaintext, read: “We can only hold the conduit at open for a short time, but can get an initial message through on 3 Feb. Be ready – future transmission conditions are uncertain.” This announcement led to a 1-minute long trailer on their website and a logo. Upon clicking the logo, users were redirected to a new studio website called

According to the website, the Spliced team is a group of diverse individuals with backgrounds in gaming franchises like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, The Sims, Rocket League, and Red Dead Redemption, as well as tech companies such as Google, Amazon, Snapchat, and Twitch. The team are also seeking talent in various fields within game development like AI Gameplay Engineer, Animation Engineer and etc.

With a team composed of senior alumni from popular gaming franchises and tech companies, the expectations for what this new studio is something to look forward. The diverse background of the team may bring a new level of gaming to the industry.

Stay tuned to their YouTube channel and official website for updates and future releases.

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